Email Marketing Strategies for eCommerce

Remarkety offers automatic ready-to-use email remarketing campaigns that are based on your store’s data. Remarkety also uses accumulated marketing knowledge and best practices from thousands of online retailers. You can use them as-is, customize them, or create new ones using our intuitive editor.

Here is a just a small sample of email re-marketing strategies that you can run:

Sample #1 - Win Back Inactive Customers

inactive customers

Send a wake-up call to customers who have not shopped at your store for a long time. We understand that there is a big difference between a one-time customer and a regular customer, and we recommend sending different messages and offers to these different types of customers.

  • One-time inactive customers - one time customers can become regular customers if you build a strong relationship with them. We will recommend how to win them back.

  • Regular inactive customers - if a customer has been purchasing a certain product every month and during the past three months he/she hasn’t placed an order, you should try to find out the reason and try to win them back. We will recommend how to approach this customer in the most effective manner.

Sample #2 - Rewards Program

Automatic Rewards Program

A rewards program can help your online store acquire, engage, and retain customers. By constantly analyzing sales data we can help you build several rewards programs based on the customer’s activities.

  • Number of purchases – increase customer loyalty by offering rewards based on the number of purchases made. For example, offer a discount on the 5th purchase.

  • Total amount spent – incentivize customers to spend more by offering rewards after spending a certain amount. For example, offer a 5% discount when the customer has spent more than $200 or a 10% discount when the customer has spent over $300.

Sample #3 - Request Feedback or Ask for Product Review

customer feedback

Ask your customers for their feedback to better understand them and to find out what they need. We can use the data that we gather in order to focus your efforts.

  • Feedback for certain products – if you have a certain product of interest that you would like to gather feedback, such as a new product, we will send a request for feedback every time someone buys it.

  • Purchases over a certain amount – you can ask for feedback for purchases over a certain amount. For example, ask for feedback on the delivery of large packages.

  • Cancelled order – you can ask for feedback every time the order status becomes “cancelled” in order to understand the reason and maybe be able to assist the customer.

  • First purchase – make new customers feel welcome by sending them a message asking for their feedback on their first purchase experience.

Sample #4 - Recover Abandoned Carts

Abandoned Cart

Contact potential buyers when they fail to complete their purchase in order to offer incentives and your assistance. You can send different messages based on the purchase data.

  • Types of products – send specific messages for customers who have abandoned the cart with certain products.

  • Certain amount – Send different messages based on the cart total price or number of items, etc

Additional marketing strategies

These are only a few samples of what we can offer. You can create almost any email marketing campaign you can think of:

  • Target price sensitive customers
  • Offer a reward to best customers
  • Simple order follow-up after x days
  • Recover pending orders stuck in specific order status
  • And so much more...

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