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7 ideas for how to improve your marketing automation strategy – Coronavirus times

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7 ways to improve your marketing automation strategy

When the pandemic struck in March, businesses had to quickly adjust their marketing strategy from standard spring fare to
crisis communication. But now that the post-Memorial Day summer season has begun, customers have grown weary of that refrain. It’s time to get your automated communication on track to deliver what customers want to hear from you now.  Read More

communicate with customers via crisis coronavirus

The Right Tone For Communicating With Customers During a Crisis

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communicate with customers via crisis coronavirus

The situation created by the coronavirus is not like any we’ve seen before. We’re all dealing with a time of great uncertainty, anxiety, and the stress that ensues from loss of comfortingly familiar outlets and routines.

While quarantines and enforced social distancing practices are closing down retail establishments, there is an inevitable uptick in eCommerce activity. The situation does create a unique window of opportunity for connecting with customers, but it can backfire if you go about it wrong. Read More

Mailchimp And Shopify Break Up

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On March 22, 2019 Mailchimp asked Shopify to remove the Mailchimp app from their marketplace. The app will be active through May 12, when the data sharing provisions of Shopify’s new terms take effect.

This announcement came as a big surprise to many Shopify stores using Mailchimp. However, Remarkety is here to help ;-)

Switching from Mailchimp to Remarkety is simple and easy. It takes less than 2 minutes to install the Remarkety app directly from the Shopify App Store and start creating effective email campaigns. Unlike Mailchimp, our platform was designed from ground up for eCommerce businesses. Thus, you will find it more powerful and more suitable for your business needs. Read More