Remarkety ranked as a Category Leader on GetApp, a Gartner company

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Its official, we ranked as a Q4 2018 Marketing Automation Category Leader on GetApp, a Gartner company

New York, NY October 15, 2018

Marketing Automation software equips users with tools for planning, coordinating, and measuring marketing activities. It includes email campaigns, social media postings, lead scoring, and removes the need for users to carry out repetitive tasks. Read More

Official announcement of strategic relationship with Oracle Dyn

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remarkety oracle dyn integration

Remarkety is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with Oracle Dyn

New York, NY October 09, 2018

We are incredibly excited to announce our strategic relationship with Oracle Dyn.

The companies will collaborate to deliver a unique offering and functionality focused on eCommerce Email Marketing automation and high deliverability. A deep technological integration between the products will provide merchants with a complete 360 email marketing suite, which is both effective and affordable. One of the first capabilities in joint development is the ability to send highly segmented and automated emails based on shopping behavior and at the same time to increase deliverability and domain reputation. Read More

Creating Rewards Program Automated Email Campaigns that Drive Results

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More ecommerce retailers are implementing loyalty programs for the simple fact that – they work. However, employing these rewards programs alone won’t get the job done. To generate the revenue that has a significant impact on your shop’s ROI, retailers must take steps to use their email marketing automation to promote these beneficial programs.

A recent study reported that over 75% of online shoppers felt that receiving personalized discounts based on their recent purchase history was incredibly valuable. Plus, consumers who are subject to these individualized shopping experiences are 10 times more likely to be loyal to the brand and make an average of 15 more purchases in a one-year period. Read More

Official launch of the Remarkety app on Zapier

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We are very excited to announce the public launch of the Remarkety Zap!

Remarkety has been on Zapier in beta for almost 2 years. Starting today, Remarkety is available on Zapier for everybody and connects to +1,000 apps.


What does this mean?

Zapier is an awesome platform that helps you effortlessly connect different apps and services to one another. While Remarkety has direct integrations with many other providers, integration via Zapier lets you use tools which we don’t directly support.

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Abandoned Cart Email: The Full Story-Part 1

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There are so many abandoned shopping carts. Not in the parking of your local supermarket, but online. As an eCommerce merchant seeing an abandoned cart is a certain trigger to panic. All that work to drive traffic to your store, and boom. Right at the last moment the sale is lost. Argh.

This is a two-part abandoned cart email series. In today’s post we are going to examine the World of Abandoned Cart Emails and how Remarkety can help you tackle the abandoned cart phenomenon.

Abandoned Cart Emails Header Image
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Cross Marketing Channels for eCommerce

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Email marketing is still the most popular and potent channel you can use for your e-commerce business. It’s like a powerful river that flows all the profits into your abundant ocean. But what about the tributaries? There must be a bunch of different little streams that contribute to creating this powerful river of goodness.

A singular marketing stream will only grow your business if it meets other streams and flows into a river and then on to the ocean. Using cross marketing channels will empower your marketing efforts and bring your business to another level.

Want to include cross marketing channels to your eCommerce marketing strategy? Read on

Cross Marketing Channels for eCommerce

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How to Create a Kickass Loyalty Program – Part 2

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Welcome to the next part of our guide to creating a kickass loyalty program. In the first part we discussed in detail the need for a loyalty program. These programs are designed to offer discounts or rewards to boost repeat business and build brand loyalty.

In today’s installment, we are going to discuss the viral components of a loyalty program. Time for you to get something back. Give more to your customers whilst building your customer base. Simple.

Loyalty Program

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3 Emails Every Fashion eCommerce Store Needs

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With all these new eCommerce marketing gimmicks coming out all the time it’s easy to get lost with what you should be doing, especially if you are a fashion business. I can tell you one thing; many companies are focusing on gimmicks and are forgetting the basics. Time for you to get your foundations sturdy before you start playing around with the new tools on the block.

Email marketing remains the most successful eCommerce marketing tool around. With it’s high ROI and easy to automate options, email marketing should be part of every fashion eCommerce store’s marketing strategy. Want to know more about email automation and find our the 3 emails every fashion eCommerce store needs? Read on

3 Emails Every Fashion eCommerce Store Needs

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Improve Email Deliverability and Score Big

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How can you tell if your email marketing campaigns are healthy? Open rates and click rate right? Wrong. There is a metric that is often forgotten, email deliverability. The statistic that counts the percentage of emails delivered.

There are some emails that are not delivered to your customer, they don’t even make it to the inbox to be opened or clicked on. A poor email deliverability rate is a serious issue and highlights that your email marketing lists are not healthy.

One of the main causes for emails failing to be delivered comes down to customers submitting incorrect email addresses. But that is not the only reasons emails fail to be delivered. It is time for you to learn how to improve email deliverability and score big.

email deliverability success Read More

Increase Conversions Using Dynamic Data-Driven Product Recommendations

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Product recommendations are a critical element in almost any  email marketing campaign, and has been a core feature in Remarkety since our launch in 2012. As an industry leader in email marketing, the Remarkety team has continuously updated all features along with technological advances.

In this article, we are going to dive into the world of product recommendations in email marketing and how you can utilize this powerful tool to increase your overall sales, conversion rates and revenue. What’s more, we are going to show you how Remarkety has taken product recommendations to the next level.

product recommendation in emails to increase sales

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