Do you know why shoppers abandoned their cart?

By January 7, 2014Email Marketing

One issue that is painful for all online marketers, small and big is the abandoned cart. We already have a prospect shopper on our store, she is interested in a specific product (or more) which she puts in her shopping cart and then poof!eCommerce Email Marketing Abandoned CartShe disappears without a purchase. We do everything in our power to track these potential shoppers and get them back, but do we really understand them? Do we know why they abandoned their cart?

eCommerce Abandoned Cart Data

A study made by WorldPay, an online payment processing company, suggests that 56% of shoppers abandoned their carts because they were presented with unexpected costs. Many shoppers go on to indicate price as a main reason for abandonment – with 36% saying they found a better price elsewhere and 32% claiming that overall price was too expensive.

So what can you do?

An abandoned cart email campaign should be the first step. Considering that price was probably a main issue in abandoning the cart a discount coupon will be the most effective approach in bringing these potentials back. You can create a static coupon which will display the same code for everyone or a dynamic one which generates a unique code for each shopper. The coupon should be targeting the abandoned purchase so offering it only for the shopper’s next/current purchase will make the most sense.

Setting up an abandoned cart campaign is easy with the preset campaign ready for you at a click of a button. Just click on the “Abandoned cart” icon on the “create a new campaign” tool bar to open up a ready to use campaign. You should go over the text and customize it to fit your store or to the spirit in which you want your content to be delivered. You can also customize the conditions to best fit your needs. If you want to test your new campaign set it to test mode and start receiving the emails that your customers will receive. Once you are ready turn your campaign active and start watching your prospects turn into shoppers!

Need some tips to maximize success?

Remarkety helps you build data driven email marketing campaigns. From analyzing data of over 1500 online shops we have compiled this list of best practice tips for a successful abandoned cart campaign:

1. Send a series of 2 abandoned cart emails to each prospect – one after 1-4 hours and the a second after 24-48 hours. This tactic can recover an average of 15% of abandoned cart!
2. Offer a higher incentive to first time shoppers at the store and to customer with a “high value” cart.
3. Add a clear call to action – a simple link or button.
4. Add the pictures and titles of the products that were abandoned. This has an emotional effect and can bring back the customer to “purchase mood”.
5. Add personalized product recommendations. This well help you “hedge your bets” in case a customer isn’t interested in the items they left in their cart.
6. Most important, don’t forget to test everything with A/B testing options. Try a few different subjects, calls for action or texts and learn what works best with your customers.

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