Remarkety is a leading eCommerce Data-Driven Marketing Platform. Remarkety changes the way SMBs retailers market and resell to their customers, by giving them an enterprise grade marketing power. Remarkety developed an industry-disrupted service to solve the marketing challenges of eCommerce SMBs by using big-data, shopping behavior and purchase history of millions of shoppers to execute targeted and segmented marketing strategies.

Our Story

Founded in 2009 after running the successful website, we developed a state of the art eCommerce marketing software. Like many great solutions, Remarkety was born from the frustration of three engineers who maintained a very close relationship with thousands of merchants and learned their challenges and pains.

We have decided to develop a solution for this challenge – a simple yet effective online service that will constantly analyze eCommerce data to find new marketing opportunities, recommend marketing activities and help marketers optimize their marketing campaigns. Based on eCommerce big-data and accumulative knowledge from thousands of retailers, Remarkety constantly offers marketing recommendations for launching new campaigns and smart ideas on how to optimize existing ones. It’s like having the most knowledgeable dedicated marketing professional, who is focused solely on marketing to your customers, constantly analyzing data and coming up with new ideas.

Putting big data in the hands of small retailers

Every aspect of the marketing activities, from the products recommendations, the timing, and the content, is constantly monitored to find out what works and what doesn’t. This accumulated knowledge is then shared anonymously in a way that can be used by other merchants, through benchmarks, smart recommendations and insights. For the small and medium scale merchants this is a unique opportunity to utilize “big data” analytics in order to perfect their marketing activities.

An intuitive and streamlined user experience

Since the merchants don’t have time to learn a new elaborate system, based on data analysis etc., we needed to create a solution that will not require substantial learning, and could streamline the processes, allowing the users to setup their marketing activities with minimal effort. In order to achieve this, we have teamed with world renowned UI/UX experts to create the most intuitive and streamlined user experience.

Our Mission

We believe that Data-driven and Behavioral marketing are the most effective ways to build and nurture customer relationships today. Our team solves the marketing challenges of eCommerce SMBs and helps businesses to increase revenue and drive more sales. We have high expectations, and expect high performance of ourselves and of our teams. We constantly look to innovate and improve. We play to win and keep raising the bar to deliver results.