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Amplify your omnichannel marketing strategy and generate greater revenues with personalized, hyper-targeted SMS Marketing


Create and Deliver Personalized, High-Impact SMS Marketing

Forge stronger connections with your customers and bolster your bottom line.

Purpose-built for eCommerce, Remarkety SMS Marketing enables you to create and deliver highly captivating, data-driven campaigns that propel customers to action and drive revenue.

Reach across channels to improve recovery rates for abandoned carts, send invitations to exclusive flash sales and discounts, or take advantage of one-on-one communication to strengthen engagement and loyalty with personalized birthday wishes and product recommendations.

From automated send-outs and wide-reaching blasts to targeted, trigger-based and cross-platform messaging, the possibilities are endless.

Plus, with Remarkety SMS Marketing, you’ll get access to an exclusive dashboard replete with tools that help track and monitor your eCommerce campaigns.

Benefit from deep, granular insight into the effectiveness of your content and reach—including how many consumers received your message, open rate, click-through rate, and Key Performance Indicators, such as revenue generated.

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A Quick Set-Up

Get up and running in seconds.

The efficacy of SMS marketing depends on immediacy, and we’ve worked tirelessly to build a seamless, streamlined platform that empowers our customers to deliver high-performing, personalized SMS Marketing campaigns in just a few clicks. We’ll have you up and running in seconds.

Once live, Remarkety will keep your eCommerce marketing moving at full speed by automatically capturing and integrating consent-given phone numbers as they’re collected on your checkout page.

There’s never a need for back-end management on technical know-how on your part—it’s the ease of use taken to a whole new level.

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Effortlessly Sync SMS Marketing with Remarkety’s Best-In-Class Email Automation Platform

Powerful alone, unbeatable together.

Integrate SMS marketing with your email automation strategy to create powerful, high-impact campaigns that span multiple touchpoints and channels. Deliver the content your customers want, where they want it.

With Remarkety, cross-promotion has never been easier. Follow up an unopened email with an SMS, or vice versa. Track and monitor which audiences respond to which channels and leverage dynamic tags to segment and target accordingly.

Leverage our advanced technology to enable customers to checkout or recover abandoned carts regardless of browser cookies, login, or device. Reach the right customers, with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel. And do it all from a single, user-friendly platform.

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SMS send on specific hours and days

Protect Your Business with Industry-Leading Reputation Guard and Compliance Management Tools

Ensure you’re always in accordance with industry standards and regulations.

Avoid the stress of keeping up with byzantine, ever-changing legislative landscapes. We’ll ensure your SMS marketing is always in compliance with all applicable regulations, including GDPR and TCPA.

As an added bonus, our reputation Guard feature will make certain you’re never spamming customers or sending messages at inopportune times. Easily calibrate SMS marketing frequency and whitelist hours, days, or weeks at the press of a button.

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What Stores and Marketers are Saying About Us

“With Remarkety, we re-engage site visitors in an automated, yet extremely targeted and segmented manner. By utilizing Remarkety, our clients have improved conversion rates and customer retention.”

Nir Weiner, Dataworks

We have seen a decrease in abandoned carts and an increase of $450 a week on average with Remarkety. Sometimes we have great weeks with $1400 in recovering abandoned carts.”

Mike Jennings, BestWhip

“Remarkety is cost effective and it’s a guaranteed positive return on your spend. So it’s a no brainer. We have increased revenues, quite significantly through Remarkety’s email campaigns.”

Charles Fitzgerald, The Kewl Shop