Optimize your email marketing campaigns
with data-driven reports


Performance reports

Remarkety offers you a full range of campaign performance reporting aimed at helping you determine the health of your automated campaigns.

Performance reports measure your statistics for all your automated email flows and email campaigns all within your Remarkety dashboard.

Track your open, click, unsubscribe and bounce rates and see how much revenue your emails have generated and how many orders have been made.

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Comprehensive Email Automation Reporting and Analytics

email reporting

Campaign series reports

Want to try out different content within your campaigns and see which works best?

Campaign series reporting will help you see how each campaign is performing within your series.

Is your welcome campaign with free shipping performing better than your welcome campaign with 10% off first order? Time to find out.

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Real-time activity metrics

Your customers matter and it’s time you knew who did what on your website. Our real-time activity metrics reporting allows you to create content and engage with customers based on their last interaction with you.

Remarkety’s real-time activity reports allow you to see which of your customers are your top spenders, who last purchased and which customer interacts most with your emails.

Find out more about the people behind the metrics in real-time.

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What Stores and Marketers are Saying About Us

“With Remarkety, we re-engage site visitors in an automated, yet extremely targeted and segmented manner. By utilizing Remarkety, our clients have improved conversion rates and customer retention.”

Nir Weiner, Dataworks

We have seen a decrease in abandoned carts and an increase of $450 a week on average with Remarkety. Sometimes we have great weeks with $1400 in recovering abandoned carts.”

Mike Jennings, BestWhip

“Remarkety is cost effective and it’s a guaranteed positive return on your spend. So it’s a no brainer. We have increased revenues, quite significantly through Remarkety’s email campaigns.”

Charles Fitzgerald, The Kewl Shop