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Featured Stores

Bonsai Outlet

America’s Leading Bonsai Retailer

Bonsai Outlet

“Remarkety now makes up about 45% of monthly sales for Bonsai Outlet.”
– Ashley Carrier, CEO & Founder

Bringing Luxury Bedding into Your Home

“Email revenue has
increased 700% with Remarkety”

– Chelsea Duckham, Chief Operating Officer

Badlands Paintball

Largest commercial airsoft and paintball retailers in North America

Badlands Paintball

“Remarkety’s seamless PrestaShop integration,
in real time, with capabilities to respond directly
to user behavior, proved invaluable.”

– Rusty Glaze, Constant Pursuit Marketing

Raw Dog Hawai’i

Organic, All-Natural and Raw Dog Food

“I generated $43k in sales I wouldn’t have seen without Remarkety.”
– Gary Novosel, CEO & Founder


Innovative, healthy vegan + Cruelty-free cosmetics

shopify marketing automation

“The only platform that provided an easy to use, comprehensive, all-in- one solution”
– Cheri Tracy, Founder

Jars by Dani

Yummazing – Delicious and Beautiful

“We definitely see a huge jump in revenue.”
– Dani Beckerman, Company Founder


Producer of Women Swimwear and Bikinis

“I’m sending trigger emails that have grown customer lifetime value.”
– Matt Peisley, Co-Founder

Ales by Mail

UK Breweries Direct to Your Door

“We can now send emails based on how our customers are shopping.”
– John Pagan, Marketing Director

Bee Good

Producers of Natural Skincare from British Bees

“Simpler to use than MailChimp with ROI that’s easy to see.”
– Simon Cavill, Co-Founder

Ecommerce Partners

Building Ecommerce Success for Mid to Large Brands

“A powerful tool for customer life cycle emails.”
– Josh Rehr, Marketing Manager