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Innovative, healthy vegan + Cruelty-free cosmetics

shopify marketing automation

“The only platform that provided an easy to use, comprehensive, all-in- one solution”
– Cheri Tracy, Founder

Jars by Dani

Yummazing – Delicious and Beautiful

“We definitely see a huge jump in revenue.”
– Dani Beckerman, Company Founder


Producer of Women Swimwear and Bikinis

“I’m sending trigger emails that have grown customer lifetime value.”
– Matt Peisley, Co-Founder

Ales by Mail

UK Breweries Direct to Your Door

“We can now send emails based on how our customers are shopping.”
– John Pagan, Marketing Director

Bee Good

Producers of Natural Skincare from British Bees

“Simpler to use than MailChimp with ROI that’s easy to see.”
– Simon Cavill, Co-Founder

Ecommerce Partners

Building Ecommerce Success for Mid to Large Brands

“A powerful tool for customer life cycle emails.”
– Josh Rehr, Marketing Manager

Janty E-Cigarettes

Producer of Premium Electronic Cigarettes

“Remarkety emails create a better customer experience.”
– Marj Galangco, Marketing & Sales Manager

Raw Dog Hawai’i

Organic, All-Natural and Raw Dog Food

“I generated $43k in sales I wouldn’t have seen without Remarkety.”
– Gary Novosel, CEO & Founder