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Industry-leading segmentation and targeting features

Go beyond email marketing. Combine email and SMS to drive higher conversions. Integrate SMS/MMS marketing with your email automation strategy to deliver the content your customers want, where they want it.  Create and deliver personalized, hyper-targeted campaigns at scale – all from the Remarkety platform.

Data Driven Marketing

Remarkety uses the most advanced technology and Big Data analysis to help you maximize the value of every customer by engaging them and building long-term relationships, decrease acquisition costs and increase customer Life Time Value.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Don’t let shoppers forget about the items they added to their shopping cart. Send behavioral email messages based on real-time signals and user behavior and automate your store with powerful abandoned cart flows

Browse Abandonment

Convert website visitors (window shoppers) into shoppers with effective email followups after visitor viewed a product and didn’t purchase. Browse abandonment emails are sent when your customers are most likely to engage. Emails include personalized products recommendations related to categories, products recently viewed.

Email Performance Tracking

Remarkety’s dashboard shows you the full array of important metrics like open rate, click rate and most importantly, how much money email marketing is making your store. Armed with this information you will be able to test, iterate and improve.

Product Recommendations

Remarkety has taken product recommendations one step further by using A.I and Machine Learning to optimize personalized product recommendations. Easily include product recommendations into  any email (drag&drop) to raise Average Order Values, increase the number of items per order and overall engagement. Learn more.

Automated Follow Up Emails

Send any type of automated email based on shopping behavior and purchase history. Send post purchase emails, thank you email, shipping confirmation, ask for a review or suggest other products they might like. No technical knowledge needed. User friendly interface.

Personalized Coupons

Deliver personalized coupons that increase purchase rate. Easily select which customers qualify for a coupon and Remarkety can automatically generate dynamic coupon codes for each email. Learn more.

Segmented Newsletters

Send segmented and personalized newsletters and let your customers know about sales, new products, promotions, special-offers and more. High deliverability is a key to success and Remarkety has your back. Send to all of your customers or easily segment by shopping behavior and purchase history. Learn more.

Powerful A/B/C Testing

Improve your email effectiveness with testing anything you like. Not only subject lines, but also variations of email body, call to action, product images or even product placement. Another proven and successful A/B test can be the send times of your campaigns to ensure optimal open and click rates.

Social Media Integration

Improve and optimize your social media campaigns with smart eCommerce data. All segments created in Remarkety can be automatically synchronized to a Facebook Custom Audience. No more manual imports or export bulky files. For example, target people who don’t open your emails, VIPs, inactive customers and more.

Drag & Drop Template Editor

Remarkety’s drag-and-drop editor was designed for eCommerce first and makes it a whole lot easier to design beautiful emails that convert and drive more sales for your business.  Simply drag and drop any element you desire into our pre-built responsive templates or upload your own custom HTML template.

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Break down and segment your customers and audiences to create powerful, targeted emails that deliver highly personalized content to the right customer at the right time. Use your existing customer data and on-site real-time behavior to better target your audience. Segment base on shopping behavior, website engagement, previous campaign analytics and more.

Easily Integrate With Any eCommerce Platform