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Browse Abandonment

Don’t let website browsers disappear forever… Entice them back

Convert your browsers into active shoppers today with a browse abandonment email marketing automation campaign.

Browse abandonment emails are automatically generated and sent to the visitor based on the specific page/product the visitor has abandoned.

Browse abandonment emails are highly personalized and include relevant personal product recommendations, personal dynamic coupons and more. Your options are endless!

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Browse abandonment emails

abandoned cart email and sms

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Don’t let your cart be forgotten like that old sock under the couch

Over 70% of all carts are abandoned prior to purchase, losing businesses a huge chunk of potential revenue. Time to gently nudge your shoppers to return to their carts with special offers or personalized coupons and recoup up to 40% of lost revenue.

Remarkety’s automated abandoned cart alerts give a personal and polite reminder to tempt shoppers back and will quickly become your best friend.

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Welcome Emails

Keep new subscribers interested and ready to take action

Make a great first impression with an effective welcome email series. Welcome emails are traditionally sent as another way to say “Thank You” for new newsletter subscriptions and are notorious for having above average open rates.

Remarkety offers several welcome email templates to select from or simply drop in your own HTML for a fully customized branded experience.   Make sure to add coupons, special offers, and product recommendations for optimized results.

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Drag and drop email template editor

Drag and Drop Editor

Click. Drag. Drop.

Remarkety’s drag-and-drop editor was designed for eCommerce first and makes it a whole lot easier to design sexy emails that convert and drive more sales for your business.  Simply drag and drop any element you desire into our pre-built responsive templates or upload your own custom HTML template.

Add dynamic personalized tags, coupons and personalized product recommendations and customize your emails with ease.

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Email A/B Testing

Learn what works  and what doesn’t

Discover what works best with advanced A/B/C testing. Easily duplicate and test different versions of your email campaigns to determine the most effective elements. Experiment with variations in subject lines, coupons, calls to action, email content, product images, and placement. Additionally, test different send times to optimize open and click rates. This iterative approach helps you refine your strategy and improve your email marketing performance.

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email and sms ab testing

smart marketing recommendations

Inactive Customer Reactivation

Get your inactive customers shopping again

Merchants often forget to engage and nurture their current base leading to customers becoming stagnant.  Re-engaging your customers is more cost-effective than generating new sales.

Make sure to target and recapture customer’s attention with engaging Inactive customer campaigns made to bring them back to your site!  

Use customer analytics to filter and segment customers by last order dates, average order amounts, shopping frequency, time since last purchase or visit and more!

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Transactional Emails

Have some manners and respond to actions instantaneously 

You can now use Remarkety to send out automated and instant transactional emails to your customers. E-Commerce Transactional emails include all automated email that is related to the online purchase lifecycle and is traditionally sent out by your platform, such as:

  • Newsletter sign ups and confirmation emails
  • Order confirmations with order number, details and receipts
  • Order updates and status changes
  • Order sent and tracking confirmation
  • Add recommendations to any transactional email

transactional automated emails and SMS

pop up

List-building Tools

Together we will grow

Growing your email lists is an essential part of nurturing your eCommerce business. Solely capturing email addresses at purchase is not going to build your clientele.

In order to grow your email lists do not wait until shoppers purchase to acquire their details, incorporate Remarkety’s dynamic list building tools today and increase your potential email reach.  List building tools are a core tool of any email marketing automation campaign!

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What Stores and Marketers are Saying About Us

“With Remarkety, we re-engage site visitors in an automated, yet extremely targeted and segmented manner. By utilizing Remarkety, our clients have improved conversion rates and customer retention.”

Nir Weiner, Dataworks

We have seen a decrease in abandoned carts and an increase of $450 a week on average with Remarkety. Sometimes we have great weeks with $1400 in recovering abandoned carts.”

Mike Jennings, BestWhip

“Remarkety is cost effective and it’s a guaranteed positive return on your spend. So it’s a no brainer. We have increased revenues, quite significantly through Remarkety’s email campaigns.”

Charles Fitzgerald, The Kewl Shop