Email Personalization and Segmentation

Empower your messages with customer data, custom attributes and win customer loyalty

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Powerful Email Personalization & Segmentation

Target the right audience using customer data

Break down and segment your customers and audiences to create powerful, targeted emails that deliver highly personalized content to the right customer at the right time.

Remarkety makes customer targeting and personalization easier than ever by using your existing customer data and on-site behavior to segment, including: unique customer tagging, shopping behavior, website engagement, previous campaign analytics.

Easily target customers who haven’t visited your site in the past 90 days or those clients who’ve spent more than $100 in their last purchase. Your segmentation possibilities are endless.

More customer data collected = more targeted and segmented campaigns

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Product Recommendations

Give your customers a taste of what they like

Increase customer lifetime value and grow your average order size through upsell and cross-sell of relevant products.

Remarkety has taken product recommendations one step further by connecting customer purchase history to deliver personalized product recommendations and maximize your sites ROI.

Easily and simply include product recommendations into any email automation campaign to raise average order values, win back customers and increase the number of items purchased per order.  

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Personalized Email Coupons

A coupon that matters is a coupon that has real usage value

Directly engage your customers with dynamic and unique coupons for maximum results and watch your sales grow.

Imagine emailing personalized coupons for each of your customers without having to go through the hassle of creating individual coupon codes. Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore!

Remarkety can generate the dynamic coupons automatically for you directly from your eCommerce platform (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop) and assign the coupons to specific customers with the magic touch of email personalization.

Simply segment a customer list, target a customer audience, set the coupon value and off it goes!

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What Stores and Marketers are Saying About Us

“With Remarkety, we re-engage site visitors in an automated, yet extremely targeted and segmented manner. By utilizing Remarkety, our clients have improved conversion rates and customer retention.”

Nir Weiner, Dataworks

We have seen a decrease in abandoned carts and an increase of $450 a week on average with Remarkety. Sometimes we have great weeks with $1400 in recovering abandoned carts.”

Mike Jennings, BestWhip

“Remarkety is cost effective and it’s a guaranteed positive return on your spend. So it’s a no brainer. We have increased revenues, quite significantly through Remarkety’s email campaigns.”

Charles Fitzgerald, The Kewl Shop