eCommerce Marketing Automation Platform that works for YOUR Woocommerce STORE.

Join thousands of Woocommerce stores using Remarkety & Increasing their revenue by using data-driven marketing.

Plug-and-Play Email & SMS Marketing for WooCommerce

It only takes two minutes to get WooCommerce email marketing powered by Remarkety. Sign up for free or download the extension and start sending more effective emails. No technical knowledge required!

Remarkety has helped thousands of eCommerce businesses grow their sales by sending relevant and targeted emails. Sending relevant emails means your store will have more opens, more clicks and most importantly, more sales.

Streamline Your eCommerce Marketing Automation

Grow beyond with industry-leading segmentation, personalization, and targeting tools.

Put your audience at the center of your marketing efforts. Segment customers based on their shopping behavior to improve conversions. Create highly targeted, hyper-personalized messages based on what your customers want, when they want it. Leverage A.I. product recommendations and dynamic coupons to win sales and build customer loyalty.

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Full Service Email Marketing for WooCommerce

Remarkety has your WooCommerce store covered. We will give you the tools to create email campaigns based on your customer behavior. We find the opportunities and then we continuously send the right email campaign, to the right person, at the right time. It just takes a few clicks!

We also deliver your emails from our dedicated servers to ensure high-deliverability. Your website performance will not be affected and Remarkety will keep your email lists clean.

Grab Email Addresses Faster Than Ever Before

Collect more email addresses earlier in the customer journey! The Email Capture Booster ensures shoppers have time to interact with your brand, which mitigates the risks of an intrusive customer experience. That means you stand a better chance of getting emails from consumers who are most likely to shop with you—and keep coming back for more.

Convert website visitors into shoppers with effective email and SMS follow-ups after a visitor viewed a product and didn’t purchase.

Become an Expert in Email Marketing for WooCommerce

We are going to help your WooCommerce shop grow. That’s why we proactively help you test, iterate and improve performance.

Our omnichannel marketing automation platform empowers you to create powerful personalized and automated emails, SMS and MMS marketing campaigns, using eCommerce shopping behavior and real-time data, all in one platform.