Success Story

With David Knopfler and Cara Palmer

Abandoned Cart Open Rate
Conversion rate via automation
ROI Marketing Shines with Automation

A 36X ROI was achieved by better email marketing that increased conversions – 11% conversion on cart abandonment sequence and 12% on a welcome drip. That’s quite the success story! 

Remarkety’s automated services have enabled the home decor business to attract, convert, and retain more customers through personalized coupon offers and customized newsletters. Features like Remarkety’s unique heatmap lets them see at a glance which assets are converting and which are not to inform future marketing campaigns. The ease of use and streamlined process makes them describe Remarkety’s service as intuitive, valuable, and convenient.

The Business is a direct-to-consumer lighting and decor company that sells exclusively online. Cara Palmer, the company’s Social Media Manager & Marketing Associate describes the brand identity as “Restoration Hardware quality and designs, at a Target price point.” Its mission is to make the decorating process as simple and accessible as possible.

The Challenge

As a small business with limited resources, David Knopfler, CEO & Co-Founder at, explained, it was difficult to focus on all marketing touchpoints.  They had started out using Constant Contact and then moved on to Mailchimp for their email contact.

But they recognized the need for more advanced features for their marketing efforts to grow, specifically “automations and advanced segmenting.”

They also needed to have those qualities built into an intuitive solution that anyone could learn because they could not hire a dedicated expert just to run that program.

They looked into a variety of solutions, he recalled, “Like Aweber and other platforms that work with Nanigans, Iterable, etc.” But they discovered that they operated like “mega vampires,” demanding “big money and long term commitment.”

“SaaS contracts are very evil,” he observed, and he was determined not to be locked into a contract that locks them in the long term even if they were not happy with the service.

The Solution

 Knopfler discovered Remarkety a few years back at an IRCE show. That’s where he met one of the cofounders who showed his understanding of the pain points for eCommerce.

“What impressed me was that he knew the competitive landscape very well and gave his service the best analysis,” he recalled.

After signing on for Remarkety’s service, Knopfler appreciated how involved the people there were with getting them up and running. “I love working with software companies that are growing and the founders are hands-on.” 

He also appreciated Remarkety’s “enthusiasm for new integrations and working with our dev team.” When he proposed an integration idea of his own, they took it so seriously that it was done within the next 10 days!

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The Results

“Remarkety has definitely helped both re-target potential customers and re-engage with our existing network,” Palmer reported.

It’s crucial to gain that competitive edge in this industry in which people do want to learn about the products before purchasing. “Being a stripped down marketing team means I need things as streamlined as possible, and Remarkety definitely makes my tasks easier,” she said.

It relieves them of cumbersome manual processes to automate sending out personalized coupons and delivering “beautiful newsletters to inspire more purchases,” she said. While the platform is designed to be easy to use, if she ever has a problem, she knows she’ll get an immediate response from Remarkety’s support team.

Among her favorite tools is the heatmap. It makes it easy to see at a glance which of the marketing assets are working best and to identify the sources of engagement. “The heatmap has helped me a lot with optimizing our email design,” Palmer related.

The positive returns on their efforts powered by Remarkety and the invaluable insight they gain into their customers’ behavior through the platform have really improved their marketing efficiency. That’s why they wholeheartedly recommend  Remarkety for small businesses like theirs.

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