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What our clients are saying about us

Remarkety covers all our email marketing and automations needs and much more and helped us generate more revenue and to build better relationship with our customers!

Amir AzranChief Digital Officer,

Remarkety helps generate a tremendous amount of sales revenue for us. The combination of great software and support at a reasonable price is a winning combination for every eCommerce company. My only hope is that our competition does not find out about Remarkety!

Jonathan P.Managing Director

ROI tracking is not only built in, but is a focus of the reporting dashboard, a solid indicator that this platform was built for eCommerce first and foremost. Very impressed with how seamless Remarkety integrates with Magento

Andrew C.eCommerce Manager

We switched from MailChimp because the segmenting on MailChimp was too difficult to figure out. My customer rep was amazing in the beginning - she scheduled weekly calls with me and helped me kick off my campaigns

Zoe M.President, Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Our company had been able to increase revenue with follow up emails and great looking newsletters.Great reporting, customized email functions, great customer support, increased revenue, email suggestions

Megan D.Growth Manager, Food & Beverages, 11-50 employees
Maximize Revenue and Conversion

Personalize and automate Email, SMS and Social campaigns using eCommerce shopping behavior and real-time data

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Break down and segment your customers and audiences to create powerful, targeted emails that deliver highly personalized content to the right customer at the right time.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Send behavioral email messages based on real-time signals and user behavior and automate your store with powerful abandoned cart flows

Predictive Product Recommendations

Remarkety has taken product recommendations one step further by using AI and ML technology to optimize and always recommend the right products

Email Performance Tracking

Armed with eCommerce analytics, you will be able to test, iterate and improve results. Remarkety’s dashboard shows you the full array of important metrics and KPI's needed for your success

Social Media Integration

Improve and optimize your social media campaigns with smart eCommerce data. Enhance your Facebook Ads with real-time eCommerce data and build better Facebook Custom Audiences.

Personalized Dynamic Coupons

Deliver unique coupon codes to increase purchase rate and engagement. Easily select which customers qualify for a coupon and Remarkety can automatically generate dynamic coupon codes for each email