eCommerce Marketing Automation Platform created to help YOUR Shopify STORE GROW.

Join thousands of Shopify stores using Remarkety to increase their venue by using data-driven marketing.

Install directly from the Shopify App Store

Plug-and-Play Email Marketing for Shopify

It only takes two minutes to get the Remarkety app for your Shopify Store. Install directly from the Shopify App Store and start creating email campaigns.

The install process requires no technical knowledge. Watch the how to video here.

Shopify email marketing app

Email Campaigns Driven By Data

Remarkety analyzes your store’s data to recommend email campaigns that are targeted at your customers.

For example, we can automatically segment customers for campaigns that follow up with shoppers who abandoned their cart or send personalized product recommendations.

Other campaigns include winning back inactive customers, requesting product feedback or reviews and targeted newsletters.

Customer Segmentations Image

Email Marketing for Shopify Platform

Remarkety has your Shopify store’s email marketing covered. We will help you create email campaigns based on your customer behavior to increase sales and customer retention. We find the opportunities and then we will continuously send the right email campaign, to the right person, at the right time. It just takes a few clicks!

We also deliver your emails from our dedicated servers to ensure high-deliverability. Your website performance will not be affected and Remarkety will take care of keeping your email lists clean.

Shopify email marketing app

Email Performance Tracking

Track Your Results & ROI

The Remarkety dashboard makes it easy to not only create email campaigns, but follow their performance. Quickly find essential marketing metrics like opens, clicks and the purchase (conversion) rate – all exportable to Excel.

Purchase rate is the number of customers who bought after seeing your email. Most Remarkety customers see an average purchase rate of 5% to 30% on every campaign.

You can also see your customer lifetime value and how much repeat, loyal customers are worth compared to one-time buyers.

Open Click Purchase Rate Image

Become an Expert in Email Marketing for Shopify

We want your Shopify business to keep growing. That’s why we proactively help you test, iterate and improve performance.

Our weekly tuning recommendations will help you tweak existing campaigns and our marketing recommendations will suggest the email campaigns you should be sending. A customer success manager is available to help every step of the way, too. email marketing for shopify done right!

Shopify email marketing app

Email Marketing Recommendations by Remarkety Image