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Email Marketing for Magento - Simple and Easy

Remarkety for Magento allows you to create unlimited number of automated email re-marketing campaigns based on engagement, behavior and sales information.

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Magento email remarketing

Magento Plug&Play integration

Connecting your Magento store to Remarkety is extremely easy. In just a few minutes you can begin increasing your sales. No technical knowledge required!

  1. Sign up to Remarkety
  2. Get the extension from Magento Connect.

email marketing for Magento

magento extension email marketing
Email marketing extension for Magento

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email re-marketing for ecommerce

Email marketing automation - Simplified

Drive up revenue by running proven email marketing strategies like abandoned carts, product recommendation, win-back inactive customers, upsell, cross-sell and more.

Remarkety for Magento automatically analyzes your historic data, and recommend which automated email marketing campaigns you should run.

What types of email marketing campaigns will you recommend for my business? Read more.

Magento email marketing extension

All plans include free 30 day trial

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360 Magento marketing automation solution

With Remarkety you will be able to drive more repeated sales, segment your customers, raise customer's average order values and frequency of purchase.

We understand that maximizing revenue from existing customers requires ongoing attention. Therefore, our dedicated support team will help you understand which marketing campaigns are yielding the best results and what you can do to improve them.

Remarketing for Magento

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Magento automated customer retention

Track your results - $$$

Our dashboard is simple and intuitive. You can easily find the important marketing metrics including real ROI, open rates, click rates, etc.
The bottom line - you will be able to measure real generated sales. Simple and clear - how much money you made using Remarkety!

Magento data driven email Marketing

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email marketing automation for Magento

Proactive improvement

Remarkety is different from other services – we proactively help you improve.

We will continuously recommend how to optimize the existing remarketing campaigns and/or launch new ones.

Remember, you don’t have to be a marketing expert; we will let you know every week what to do and then, with your approval, do it for you.

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Discover what Remarkety can do for your business

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"Our engagement with our customers greatly improved and has resulted in significant additional revenue."

In we were able to automate emails such as order follow-up, review requests and abandoned cart messages. Easy, flexible and scaleable, we just love it!

Mark van den Ing, CEO

email marketing for ecommerce
email marketing for small business

"We have seen a decrease in abandoned carts and an increase of $450 a week on average. Sometimes we have great weeks with $1400 in recovering abandoned carts"

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Mike Jennings, Web Marketing Director

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