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Best practices: designing emails targeted at inactive customers

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If you’re not already running an inactive customer email campaign, let’s talk because you’re missing out on some serious sales. Hear me out, “eCommerce stores using Remarkety to send inactive customer email campaigns have up to a 15% purchase rate“.

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Yes, that’s a 15% purchase rate.

These emails are designed to bring customers back to your website after a certain period of inactivity or no purchases. Without these emails, you’re missing out on a big chunk of potential sales because a 15% purchase rate is nothing to sneeze at.

And just to clarify, we define purchase rate as the number of people who placed an order after receiving an email. Considering how many inactive customers you have, that 15% purchase rate sounds pretty sweet, no?

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6 mistakes stores make when emailing inactive customers

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Your store has a wealth of data on your shoppers. You know what they like, how often they’re buying, and when they placed their last order. If you’re not using this information to target your shoppers, than what’s the point of tracking it at all?
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Enter the inactive customer email. Sending wake up emails to inactive customers is one of the easiest way to reduce churn, increase revenue, and profitability. These types of emails are also known as re-activation, re-engagement or win back emails.

The whole point of emailing inactive customers is to get them to visit your website and buy again. However, in order for you store to do it right, you should avoid these six mistakes. Read More

Remarkety VS MailChimp – Differences and similarities

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MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms and we are often asked, what’s the difference between Remarkety and MailChimp. Although MailChimp and Remarkety are both email marketing services and each have a platform to design, send and track email, their capabilities are very different.

Remarkety Mailchimp ComparisonRemarkety is designed exclusively for eCommerce businesses wishing to send targeted, personalized and automated emails based on defined triggers. MailChimp is designed for any type of business wishing to send newsletters. Moreover, MailChimp is a bulk newsletter platform for sending scheduled newsletters to an entire mailing list. Both are important marketing techniques for small and medium businesses, but each serve different purposes. Read More

We are hiring marketing interns for Summer 2015

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Remarkety, a funded startup with offices in New York and Israel, is looking for a summer marketing intern. Are you a phenomenal writer? Good. Do you dabble with graphic design and/or enjoy slicing up data in Excel? Even better. Can you eat six saltines in a minute? Of course you can’t. Nobody can.

The internship period will run from June through August at our Manhattan office at 205 E. 42nd St. If you’re interested in digital and content marketing, the trillion dollar eCommerce industry and tech start ups, we’d love to chat. Read More