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How to Avoid Email Spam Filters and Folders

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As email marketers, some of the bigger obstacles we face are spam filters and folders. That’s why we designed the following infographic – how to avoid email spam filters and folders.How to Avoid Sending Email that Ends Up in the Spam Folder and FilterDownload infographic here.

In most cases, spam filters are really good at their job. But what if they make a mistake? Or what if you’re triggering the spam filter and don’t even know it? Read More


eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices

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Need a crash course on eCommerce email marketing best practices? Good thing you’re here.ecommerce email marketing 101 best practices banner

Remarkety was invited to speak at WeWork about the best practices for email marketing, types of behavioral eCommerce emails and tracking email ROI.

You can flip through the full deck here.

While people may not view email as more exciting than Pinterest or Facebook or Instagram, email is used a lot.

WSJ reported people at work check their email 74 times a day on average.

That’s not all. Read More

Online Shopping Trends Reveal Best Days and Times to Email Customers

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We just finished a comprehensive study on the best days and times to email customers based on purchase rate. In other words, we looked at the online shopping trends of hundreds of thousands of shoppers to determine the best time your eCommerce shop should be communicating with customers.

Best Days and Times to Email Customers Infographic

Now, you might be thinking,there are already hundreds of articles about the best days and times to email customers. And these studies present you with the exact days and times for sending successful email campaigns.

There’s a problem with these studies. Read More