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Why most newsletters are really dumb

Email newsletters are sort of like the dinosaurs of the internet age or direct mail of the 21st century. They are sent on a wing and a prayer, or whatever that means, that people will actually open, click and heaven forbid, make a purchase.

We're trying to change that at Remarkety. We recently launched a new type of email newsletter that can be targeted at customers based on their shopping behavior - like the products they're browsing online and buying. This means they're relevant and more likely to be opened, clicked and lead to a purchase.

Online stores sent 80% more email from September to December

The holiday Season is winding down, and you probably have some fatigue. You also may have noticed that your email inboxes were extremely influxed over the last few weeks with tons of messages from online stores claiming to offer everything from coupons for 50 percent off, to free overnight shipping. In fact, the number of emails sent by Remarkety store owners to their own customers in 2014 rose an almost whopping 80 percent during this time period compared to the rest of the year. It seems like Cyber Monday has extended itself to an entire month.

2014 in Review - 5 Pieces of Advice from eCommerce Owners

According to, nearly 60% of stores have an eCommerce component to their business and this number will only rise in 2015. The eCommerce space is not only crowded with a bunch of online shops, but a seemingly endless number of services or tools that can grow sales, improve customer satisfaction, save time, etc. We wanted to know what really worked in 2014, so we spoke to Remarkety customers Charles Fitzgerald of The Kewl Shop, Nicole Panzica and Josh Rehr of Ecommerce Partners, Sarath B Sribhasyam of Purna Organics , and John Pagan of Ales by Mail LTD. We discovered there were five main reasons these companies were so successful. Read on to find out. 

3 tools used by every smart business

Starting an ecommerce business is tough, but running a successful, long-lasting one is even tougher. The marketplace is flooded, both with small competitors and also the big dogs (Amazon, Ali Baba, Ebay, etc) who have the resources and money to spend on marketing, customer acquisition and website testing on a daily basis. This can make it feel impossible for a small business to compete. In this short article I will talk about what separates the winners from the "less successful" online businesses and what you should do to in order to be on the winning side.

5 Tips to Improve Email Marketing During the Holidays

Email marketing is responsible for 16% of all online sales during the Holiday Season - which happens to be just around the corner. “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, and all the way through the end of December marks a time when shoppers are crazily searching the internet, glued to their inboxes trying to find the perfect gift or deal for their loved ones. There are only 26 short days between “Black Friday” and Christmas morning, meaning shoppers have a lot of shopping to do in a little amount of time. Shoppers spend billions annually - on presents, food and even holiday decorations trying to bring the holiday spirit into their homes, and make the days leading up to their Holiday just as joyous as the day itself.

Do you know why shoppers abandoned their cart?

One issue that is painful for all online marketers, small and big is the abandoned cart. We already have a prospect shopper on our store, she is interested in a specific product (or more) which she puts in her shopping cart and then poof! She disappears without a purchase. We do everything in our power to track these potential shoppers and get them back, but do we really understand them?

How to maximize the effectiveness of email remarketing with coupons

Discounts and coupons are used to increase repeat sales and get customers back into the store. But just sending coupons to all your customers can be less effective and can even yield negative results. In order to maximize the effectiveness, you need to send it to the right customer at the right time. For example, you can send a coupon to customers who have not purchased during the past 90 days, offering an incentive to come back. This marketing tactic, called Email Remarketing, is used by ecommerce retailers to leverage their existing relationships with customers in order to increase repeat sales. 

Email remarketing for WooCommerce by Remarkety

We are thrilled to announce that Remarkety is now available to WooCommerce stores as a “WooCommerce Extension”. WooCommerce retailers can leverage their store’s data to find repeat sales opportunities automatically. 

5 tips on how to use “Thank-you” emails to increase your sales

One of the most successful email remarketing tactics is sending “Thank you” emails following a purchase. These emails are usually sent with a day or two after the order was completed to thank the customer for the business and to make sure that the experience was satisfactory.  However, aside from thanking the customer and providing this basic information, retailers can use these emails as email remarketing opportunities to get these customers back to their stores, increase repeat sales, promote certain products, and more. 


Don’t treat all your customers the same - how to provide preferential treatment to top customers

Ecommerce merchants try their best to offer the best shopping experience to all their customers. After all, getting them to register or purchase a product may have cost them a significant amount of money. So, they want to make sure each and every customer receives the best treatment and is incentivized to purchase more. 

However, not all customers are the same. Some will make small purchases for a variety of reasons - maybe because they have limited budgets, they are afraid to make large purchases on the web, or they just don’t need more things to buy. While there are other customers that make big purchases or a lot of small ones (which accumulate to a large amount). Do you think both types of customers should be treated in the same manner? 

Wait! don’t say goodbye to your inactive customers - one in every ten customers will come back

What if I told you that one in every ten customers that you were sure that were lost will come back and make another purchase if you simply send them an email? Well, that’s the statistics that we have from our clients at Remarkety.  

As shown below, merchants who have launched “inactive customers” campaigns were able to bring back almost 10% of customers that have not purchased for a very long time (more than 60 days). 

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Remarkety is now free!!

Great news! We have revised our pricing and now we are offering Remarkety for FREE to stores with up to 10k customers. The free plan includes all the features, unlimited campaigns, and unlimited emails.

Not familiar with Remarkety?

Remarkety lets you increase sales from customers and prospects by sending automated emails based on customers’ behavior and purchase history. With Remarkety you can automatically win back inactive customers, recover abandoned carts, turn members into customers, increase repeated sales, incentivize clients with reward programs, and so much more.

And the best part is that it’s virtually effortless - all you have to do is define your campaign strategies, based on our recommendations, and we will take care of the rest. 

A behind-the-scenes look at Remarkety’s recommendation engine

You know, Remarkety is more than just a platform for sending remarketing emails, it’s like having a consultant at your side, who constantly analyzes your data and suggests what to do next. People are often surprised to see that this feature really works. I often hear “Does it really do that?”, “Are these just random best practices, or does it really analyze my data?”. So I have decided to put an end to the speculations (you are still welcome to ask us questions through…) and provide an in-depth perspective of our recommendation engine. 

Basically the recommendation engine has two purposes - to suggest new campaign types and to fine-tune and optimize existing campaigns. 


Automated Product Recommendations

Great news folks! We have added a new feature which enables the addition of automated product recommendations to any campaign. You can now add a “other customers who have purchased this product have also purchased:” section to any email that you send, while presenting the products with images, descriptions, and prices. The feature can be used to present cross-sell and up-sell opportunities according to store’s real purchase history data.

New year’s resolutions for e-commerce retailers

2013 has been a great year for e-commerce. According to Forester Research, online holiday sales are expected to reach a record-breaking $78 billion in the US alone and almost 1.3 trillion worldwide. Although these numbers tell the story about the constant evolution of e-commerce, smaller retailers still fall short in their ability to increase sales from their existing customers, with only 2.5% of all emails triggered or automated based on customer actions and preferences.

A/B Testing - Test everything you want

At Remarkety we provide a variety of ongoing recommendations to our users based on their data and the best practices of thousands of other e-commerce sites. This includes information on campaign configurations, what to write in the subject lines, types of incentives that work, etc. But sometimes our users may want to test various things for themselves, with their own customers. So we have introduced a new feature - A/B testing. 

Why small retailers can finally afford to use email remarketing

You've probably experienced it before, you have visited a large retailer’s site, such as, and either purchased an item or just placed it in your cart. A few days later you received an email with a special offer for that item or for similar/complementary items. This marketing tactic, called “email remarketing”, is widely used by large retailers to increase sales from their customers and prospects. The idea is to constantly monitor customers’ and prospects’ purchase data and interactions in order to identify opportunities and then harness these opportunities by sending extremely relevant emails.

Announcing Remarkety Shopify App - Email Remarketing for Ecommerce

We are thrilled to announce that Remarkety is now available to Shopify users as a “Shopify app”. The Remarkety app is currently available on the Shopify App Store and can be installed from the following link:

Shopify retailers can increase sales from customers and prospects    

Remarkety lets Shopify users increase sales from customers and prospects by sending automated emails based on customers’ behavior and purchase history. With Remarkety retailers can automatically win back inactive customers, recover abandoned carts, turn members into customers, increase repeated sales, incentivize clients with reward programs, and so much more. And the best part is that it’s virtually effortless - all they have to do is define campaign strategies, based on Remarkery’s recommendations, and Remarkety  takes care of the rest, automatically.

Why Triggered Emails Beat Newsletters For Ecommerce

Sending out well-designed and effective newsletters is a staple of online marketing, right? Email marketing is still the best way to reach customers and interested subscribers which have not yet purchased anything.

But with spam filters, Gmail's new “Promotions” tab, and other newsletters competing for your customers attention, blasting an email to all of your subscriber list just won't cut it. Open rates are low, and click-through rates are much lower.

The investment in a good newsletter is not just the subscription you pay to your newsletter provider, it's the time and effort it takes every time you want to send one out – write content, get the best images, etc. And if you really want to get busy and segment your customers, that's even harder work that needs to be repeated.

3 Email marketing strategies to increase purchase frequency

This time I would like to write about ways to help small business increase customers' purchase frequency.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools an ecommerce business can use to generate revenue and build customer loyalty. However, each email you send should be a part of your overall marketing strategy and serve a specific purpose.

So, let's start with the numbers. Calculating your shop's average purchase frequency is easy - just add up the number of purchases made over a time period, and divide them by the number of customers you had during that period.

Here are 3 basic email marketing methods that anyone can use, and that will help you increase your store's purchase frequency - driving more revenue:

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