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Mastering Time Zones: Revolutionize Your Email Campaigns with Advanced Scheduling Features

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, timing is everything. For email marketers, the quest to capture attention in crowded inboxes can hinge on the hour your message arrives. That’s why Remarkety’s latest feature, “Schedule by recipient timezone,” is a game-changer for businesses aiming to enhance their engagement across diverse geographic locations.

Why Timing Matters in Email Marketing

Effective communication is as much about when you say something as it is about what you say. Email marketers have long understood that the timing of a message can significantly influence open rates and conversions. A promotional email that arrives in the middle of the night might be overlooked, while one that lands in the inbox at peak morning hours can spur action.

Remarkety has innovatively addressed this challenge with its “Schedule by recipient timezone” feature, empowering you to reach your subscribers when they are most likely to engage—regardless of their global location.

Key Features: Account’s Timezone vs. Recipients’ Timezone

Understanding the nuances between scheduling emails based on your account’s timezone versus your recipients’ can be pivotal in optimizing campaign performance:

Account’s Timezone

Scheduling emails based on your account’s timezone means your entire mailing list receives the email at the same moment, relative to the timezone set in your account settings. While straightforward, this approach can lead to less-than-ideal delivery times for recipients outside your primary region. For instance, a campaign sent at 9 AM EST would reach someone on the West Coast at 6 AM, potentially before their day has even begun.

Recipients’ Timezone

Conversely, scheduling by recipients’ timezone tailors delivery to the local time specified for each contact in your database. This method ensures that an email scheduled for 9 AM is received at 9 AM local time, regardless of where the subscriber is located. This thoughtful, personalized approach can significantly enhance the receptiveness and engagement of your emails.

Implementing Time Zone Scheduling

Remarkety simplifies the implementation of this innovative feature. Here’s how you can schedule your emails for maximum impact:

To Schedule by Account Timezone:

  1. Choose “Schedule by your timezone.”
  2. Select the date and time you want your campaign dispatched. This will be based on the timezone setting of your account.

To Schedule by Recipient’s Timezone:

  1. Select “Schedule by recipient timezone.”
  2. Pick the date and time for the email to reach your subscribers, and Remarkety handles the rest, adjusting the send time to match the local times of recipients based on their geographical data.

This feature meticulously adjusts for each recipient’s local timezone, detected automatically by Remarkety, ensuring timely delivery tailored to their day-to-day routine.

Best Practices and Limitations

To leverage this feature most effectively, consider these best practices:

  • Advance Scheduling: Plan to send emails at least one day in advance. Due to the time required to align sends across multiple time zones, last-minute scheduling might result in delays or next-day deliveries for some recipients.
  • Geolocation Data: The scheduling is based on the “Last activity location” tracked by Remarkety, which is determined by the user’s IP when they interact with emails, subscribe, or browse your site.

However, there are limitations:

  • The feature is currently only available for newsletters and cannot be used in automated sequences or A/B testing scenarios.
  • Throttling, which staggers email sends to avoid overwhelming servers or spam filters, is also not compatible with this feature.


In conclusion, Remarkety’s “Schedule by recipient timezone” feature represents a significant advancement in email marketing technology, offering a more refined, subscriber-centered approach to email timing. By adopting this feature, you can ensure that your emails not only reach your audience but do so at the time they are most likely to engage, thereby driving better outcomes for your campaigns. As email continues to be a critical tool for e-commerce marketers, staying ahead with such sophisticated tools can provide a vital edge in a competitive market.

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