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With Don Baker

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Advantage Lifts Gets a Lift from Automated Marketing

Helpful, productive, and efficient” is how Don Baker describes Remarkety.  It certainly delivered that for Advantage Lifts to the tune of an ROI of $14.50 for each automation message, on top of 50-70% open rates on emails and conversion rates as high as 8%!  

The Business

Pennsylvania-based Advantage Lifts manufactures, sells, and services car lifts. Its customers include car collectors, hobbyists, and garages.

That means its marketing has to be targeted for both business and consumer audiences. To get help on achieving that through digital channels, it hired Don Baker for its marketing.

The Challenge

There are consumers for every channel,” Baker says. The challenge is finding them and presenting “the right message to them.

They were using remarketing, but they needed an automated solution to improve the marketing reach for the different types of customers for Advantage Lifts. While the business was already adopting a variety of approaches, they had two goals last year:

  • One was to increase their digital presence, a necessity in today’s market that intensified when COVID-19 hit.
  • The other was to develop a marketing strategy that went beyond multichannel to omnichannel.

The pandemic has intensified the move to online service, presentations, sales, interactions, whatever it is, any aspect of life has gone online,” Baker observed. The owners of the business understood that they needed to up their game with email marketing.

What held them back was confidence in how to set it up, which best policies to adopt, and how to comply with rules and regulations concerning email marketing. That’s why they sought help from Baker.

As the owner of  a digital marketing company, he could bring the insight gained over 10 years of experience with a variety of clients and email platforms. He knew that they needed more than just an email solution but one that would automate retargeting and give them insight into the interconnection of the various touch-points the customer encounters on the journey to purchase.

The Solution

From his extensive experience, Baker knew that  Remarkety was the best choice for Advantage Lifts. It makes automation easy and is built to adapt to changing needs because it has great flexibility and range: “there’s just so many different things you can do with it.

Remarkety constantly improves and adapts to the changing demands of the digital market. That means it is always staying up with the times, which is important,” Baker observed.

He has found that nothing beats Remarkety’s abandoned cart solution. I have never really used other abandoned cart processes or systems other than Remarkety’s.

That’s because Remarkety puts links in the abandoned cart emails that allow shoppers to check out instantly. They don’t have to rebuild their cart even if it was put together on a different device thanks to its cross-device solution.

He also appreciates its versatility. That’s not limited to delivering the message to specific segments of the database” but extends even to “creative versatility.” It offers “good creative palettes to work with.”

For example, the newsletter function gives eCommerce businesses an opportunity to engage their customers with longer content than a standard email or text and allows a company to easily mix things up a bit in the marketing communication. “You want to have a different approach. You don’t want everything to look the same all the time.”

The Results

With Remarkety, Advantage Lifts was able to automate effective email marketing campaigns, increase engagement, convert more customers, recover more abandoned carts, and make more sales.  The ROI became clear almost immediately.

They made $16 per message for automation and $1.41 per message. The emails enjoyed a remarkable 60% open rate and 8% conversion on cart abandonment. They also reported 51% open rate on browse abandonment with 2% conversion. Welcome emails garnered a  70% open rate  and 7% conversion.

Automated promotions also prove very valuable and deliver “really high open rates,” Baker observed. “They drive a lot of customer interaction, which means customer sales at the end of the day.”

That’s why he continues to recommend Remarkety for his clients for many years now, building up “an ongoing relationship” that works like a “partnership” with the company. “And you’ve been very creative and very supportive” in meeting all his clients’ needs, he said with top-notch customer service.

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