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How to maximize the effectiveness of email remarketing with coupons

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

Discounts and coupons are used to increase repeat sales and get customers back into the store. But just sending coupons to all your customers can be less effective and can even yield negative results. In order to maximize the effectiveness, you need to send it to the right customer at the right time.

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For example, you can send a coupon to customers who have not purchased during the past 90 days, offering an incentive to come back. This marketing tactic, called email remarketing, is used by eCommerce retailers to leverage their existing relationships with customers in order to increase repeat sales.  Read More

8 reasons why customers never open your emails

By Email Marketing

There’s nothing better for eCommerce email marketers than watching an email campaign consistently drive orders. And there’s nothing more aggravating than wondering why customers never open your emails.unopened emails mailbox imageThere are so many moving pieces to an email campaign, send time, email design, list segmentation, etc. It can get anyone with low open rates thinking, where did I possibly go wrong? Read More

eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices

By Email Marketing, News

Need a crash course on eCommerce email marketing best practices? Good thing you’re here.ecommerce email marketing 101 best practices banner

Remarkety was invited to speak at WeWork about the best practices for email marketing, types of behavioral eCommerce emails and tracking email ROI.

You can flip through the full deck here.

While people may not view email as more exciting than Pinterest or Facebook or Instagram, email is used a lot.

WSJ reported people at work check their email 74 times a day on average.

That’s not all. Read More

How to grow sales without coupons

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

We’ve touted coupons and other incentives as a great way to grow sales here and here. Coupons are extremely effective at coercing customers to finish checking out after abandoning their cart, pushing them to place new orders and winning them back after a period of no purchase.

How to grow sales without giving away coupons

Thing is, not all brands believe in coupons or discounts because they’re not trying to give away the farm. At first you might be thinking, who doesn’t believe in coupons or discounting products? (See JC Penny) And what does giving away the farm even mean?

Read More

3 tools used by every smart eCommerce business

By eCommerce Case Studies, Email Marketing

Starting an ecommerce business is tough, but running a successful, long-lasting one is even tougher. The marketplace is flooded, both with small competitors and also the big dogs (Amazon, Ali Baba, Ebay, etc) who have the resources and money to spend on marketing, customer acquisition and website testing on a daily basis.

blog post image of small business owner

This can make it feel impossible for a small business to compete. In this short article I will talk about what separates the winners from the “less successful” online businesses and what you should do to in order to be on the winning side. Read More