Bonsai Outlet Success Story

With Ashley Carrier, CEO Bonsai Outlet

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The Business

Ashley Carrier was given his first Bonsai Tree by his wife, and with a little internet research he was able to keep his Bonsai healthy long enough to require pruning. Online pruning shears were over-priced, and he realized that specialty tools, pots and soil made Bonsai gardening unapproachable for the general public. Mr. Carrier’s International Business degree kicked in and he was able to locate Asian manufacturers and suppliers willing to produce high-quality products at an affordable price.

Chinese Elm

Today, Bonsai Outlet is the country’s largest Bonsai eCommerce site and the business recently acquired the Northeast’s largest Bonsai nursery, New England Bonsai Gardens.

The Challenge

Bonsai Outlet had the benefit of essentially being First to Market in the Bonsai eCommerce space. However, it wasn’t long before huge companies were chipping away at that market share. To stay relevant and competitive Bonsai Outlet needed better marketing, and that all started with e-mail.

Relying on Constant Contact, Bonsai Outlet saw spot increases in site traffic and conversions, but the results were frustratingly unquantifiable and there was no integration with BigCommerce.

“Attribution became a huge issue and intelligence based automation was completely out of Constant Contact’s skillset. Our approach was antiquated, and we weren’t learning anything.”

Paul Olson handmade pots

The Goal

A full service, data-driven email marketing platform that could easily integrate with his BigCommerce store to produce automated emails that engage and convert.

The Solution

In January of 2017, Bonsai Outlet started looking into eCommerce marketing software solutions and Remarkety was suggested by their developer right away.

Eric Ryan, Marketing Director for Bonsai Outlet tells us, “we wasted a lot of time vetting solutions, we should’ve just gone with Remarkety right off the bat. Remarkety was clearly the best option, they integrate directly with BigCommerce and the interface is ridiculously intuitive.”

The Results

Since launching their first campaign, Remarkety has generated a 4,000% ROI for in the first 6 months. By creating intelligent automations based on Remarkety’s suggestions, Bonsai Outlet now provides customers with timely and pertinent information and product offerings.

“Remarkety now makes up about 45% of monthly sales for Bonsai Outlet.”

Remarkety has generated a 4,000% ROI for in the first 6 months

While they have yet to experience the full power of the technology, they continue to rely heavily on the email newsletter functionality due to their success.

“I wish we did this years ago. I don’t know how we operated without them..”


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