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With Dani Beckerman, Company Founder

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The Story

Taste the rainbow officially has a new definition. Jars by Dani are colorful and fun desserts in jars layered in heavenly flavors of cake, frosting, chocolate chips and more.

Featured flavors include Lovely Lemon bar, Cookie dough, White chocolate, Cookies and Creme, Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter. The transition from spring to summer also brought about new decadent flavors including strawberry shortcake and perfect peach.



Dani Beckerman, founder of Jars by Dani, hit the ground running with her trendy NY treats. Like many of the greats before her, inventors of popsicles, ice cream cones, and chocolate chip cookies; the idea sort of just fell in her lap. Dani spent her college years studying for Med school, but made a quick turnaround after she discovered a newfound passion. The muse of her inspiration dawned on her one day in a Michaels craft store.

Brand recognition boomed just four months after launching her business when she landed her first major customer, Diane Von Furstenberg. Connections in the fashion industry opened doors for Dani. Since then, her jars have been an absolute must at events hosted by the largest in their industries including Google, Barney’s New York and Ralph Lauren. Dani’s entrepreneurial instincts propelled her to expand.

The Challenge

What started as a one woman show, expanded into a close knit team of seven pastry chefs, a larger cooking space and new marketing initiatives. For any up and coming business, breaking into eCommerce can be tricky. After the boom of her business, and brand recognition, Dani took initiative to polish her website and enhance email marketing engagement with customers and increase sales via data-driven email marketing.

The Goal

A budget friendly, data-driven email marketing platform that could easily integrate with her online store to produce automated emails that engage and convert – without sucking up all of her time.

Strategy and Results

Using the Remarkety marketing platform, Jars by Dani saw a steady increase in sales. The strongest results have come from Abandoned Cart campaigns and Welcome Email series.

Jars by Dani will never leave a bad taste in your mouth and that doesn’t end with their desserts.

jars_by_dani_1Their Welcome Email boasts a 66% unique open rate and 20% click rate, both of which are above industry standards. Their emails set a fun and friendly tone as customers are greeted with a big  “Hello Jarling!” The Welcome Email is the first contact with a new customer and is a crucial strategy for turning new subscribers into shoppers.  

The Abandoned Cart campaign skillfully combines visual imagery with a call to action. Beneath the image is a coupon and a link to the product left in the cart. The email resonated well with customers and as a result sees a positive 19% click rate (not to mention the natural appeal of Dani’s desserts).

“Remarkety’s design features are extremely easy to use. They especially appreciate the convenience of being able to switch from drag and drop to HTML within the editor to easily create responsive emails.”

The test mode feature allows Remarkety users to send new email campaigns to themselves before sending it out to their customer base.

“Bottom line, it works! Email marketing with Remarkety is just such a good idea. It works for a lot of other businesses so I figured it would work for us and it has.”

Jars by Dani has really unlocked the power of product personalization. Savvy shoppers have the option to put their logo, personal photos and custom text on jars to make the experience even more special.


Dani has seen a huge rise in demand for personalized desserts during events, birthdays and holidays. Through Remarkety, Dani can give her customers that much needed reminder during busy seasons – especially since Jars are now being shipped nationwide.

“We send a newsletter out for all the major holidays, we include a discount code, and it’s so much fun to see within the hour of sending them out we have all these customers purchasing. We definitely see a jump in revenue.”

Written & Edited by Sarah Decuffa

Jars by Dani


New York, NY