Orglamix Success Story

With Cheri Tracy - Company founder

Avg open rate
Boost in sales
Conversion rate increase

The Business is a luxury performance makeup company, producing cosmetics made in small batches with minimal ingredients. No chemicals or additives included. Orglamix started selling on Etsy with just one product — eyeshadow — and has since grown to over 600 amazing products marketed to over 28,000 customers, through Etsy, Amazon and directly through their website.

Cheri Tracy, Founder & CEO,

The Challenge

As the business rapidly grew so did the product line and the increasingly successful home-grown business now required a more effective method to engage their site visitors and ultimately convert them. With limited resources, a busy team, and a growing business; Orglamix was in the search for a powerful email marketing platform that could easily integrate into their new website and produce engaging automated email campaigns without breaking the bank.

The Goal

A budget friendly, data-driven email marketing platform that could easily integrate with her Shopify store to produce automated emails that engage and convert – without sucking up all of her time.

The Strategy

Never one to cut corners, Cheri decided to try each one of Shopify’s email marketing apps for a month. Integrations included Rare, Active campaign, Chimpfied and more, but each platform presented a different set of issues. They ranged from minor annoyances such as requiring a double opt-in, only allowing users to email existing customers and requiring a separate app for abandoned cart emails, to major issues such as deliverability (her mom found one of her Orglamix emails delivered straight to her spam!)

The Results

The winner, by far, was Remarkety. As Cheri remarked, “Remarkety was the only platform that provided an easy to use, comprehensive, all-in- one solution.”

“I tell all my Shopify friends to use Remarkety. It’s simple yet robust, easy to use, budget-friendly, and it provides retailers with the most comprehensive all-inclusive email marketing solution on the market.”

It’s been just a few months since integrating and already Cherie’s campaigns have produced a whopping 25% increase in Orglamix’s monthly revenue. Her abandoned cart emails in particular have been quite successful.

With an average open rate of 40% and a conversion rate of 20%, the sequence of emails she effortlessly produces using Remarkety’s platform has reduced site churn by a full 7%.

Cheri has also seen incredible performance results from her Welcome Email. The email is sent to all new Orglamix visitors, welcoming and encouraging them to make their first purchase with a unique and individual coupon code. This campaign has been so popular, that it boasts a 50% conversion rate from customers engaging with emails.

Lastly, by using email to regularly engage site visitors in a more personal manner, Cheri has been able to form lasting connections with her customers across a wide variety of social platforms (insert photo of order follow up day 40 email). The Orglamix Facebook community alone now boasts a vibrant user-base of 34,000 natural makeup fans and counting.

Thanks to Remarkety’s help, and Orglamix’s growing demand, the operation now includes four additional team members, dedicated to expanding the shop’s offerings, and maintaining a thriving community of like-minded, environmentally-conscious individuals.  And Cheri – she’s become one of Remarkety’s product biggest advocates:

“Remarkety was the only platform that provided Orglamix an easy to use, complete, all in one email automation solution. It enables us to quickly and easily setup emails, order follow ups, abandoned cart email campaigns and more while providing our company with maximum sales impact with minimal effort”



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