With Reuven Kohn, Marketing Director

Abandoned Cart Open Rate
Conversion rate via automation

Seating Mind  Streamlined Software and Gained Insight Into Conversions

The business

Seating Mind ships refurbished office chairs all over the USA out of its two NJ facilities. The value proposition they offer customers is quality products at about 50% off the regular MSRP price. All the chairs are from brand names like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Haworth and Humanscale.

The challenge

As an experienced eCommerce professional, Reuven Kohn, the Marketing Director of the business, knows how critical email marketing automation is. He started out using Vertical Response for email.

That worked well for just the straight communication, but he found the business needed to add on additional service to address critical problems like cart abandonment recovery. He wanted to scale it down to a single solution that met all their needs and found it in Remarkety.

The solution

“Remarkety takes email automation to the next level,” Kohn says.

It met all of the business’s email needs and included a cart abandonment feature that worked, all housed in software that built from the ground up for eCommerce. Kohn said he ran the analysis to prove it.

“It was therefore a no-brainer to work with one software as opposed to many.”

Kohn really appreciated Remarkety’s onboarding: “It was very thorough and helpful.”

Over the course of half a dozen sessions, he got to learn about Remarkety’s features and capabilities. Then Remarkety made it easy to get started with a setup that included automated emails that could be adjusted and customized over time while retaining a consistent look for the brand.

“They offer welcome emails, cart abandonment emails, browse abandonment emails all of which create a steady stream of emails that accustoms the customer to your brand name without overdoing it.” 

The results

“Automated emails are definitely keeping the image of the company in front of the customer base,” Kohn says.

He also notes that the platform tracks bottom-line conversions, a capability that was lacking in Vertical Response. That gives him the benefit of insight into the effectiveness of his campaigns that can be used to plan future marketing.

Kohn was able to set up over 40 different email automation in no time that outperforms the competition with high open rate, click rate, and conversion rate (bottom line $ purchases from these campaigns).

Kohn admits that he is so impressed by Remarkety’s performance that he has recommended it to a friend of his who just launched a new eCommerce site. It’s already helping that business generate sales, and he’s certain he’ll be reaping even more benefits like customer acquisition and conversion from Remarkety down the road.

Kohn sums up what Remarkety offers this way: “Tech-savvy, tech support, training all a cut above the rest.”

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