Bee Good Success Story

With Simon Cavill, Co-Founder

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The Story

Bee Good is a British producer of quality and all-natural skincare made from British beeswax, honey and propolis.

The company was launched by Simon Cavill, a tech entrepreneur with a passion for beekeeping.

Simons passion for keeping bees started over a decade ago. Why beekeeping?

Because standing in a field tending to bees, with no interruption from the outside world, was the most non-technical thing he could do. And incredibly relaxing.

Before Bee Good became a household name in Britain, Simon’s wife harvested beeswax and honey for skincare products like lip balms and hand creams.

Bee Good Success Story

She sold the products at local markets and each month sales grew. It became clear there was a demand for all-natural, British-made products.

Simon thought there might be an opportunity with this beekeeping hobby of his.

He looked at other companies in the space and was determined to do it better.

Following affirmation of his business case from the ex-managing director of Revlon Europe, Simon started up full time with Bee Good.

Their products are now sold at over 100 retail locations across the UK. Bee Good is also beginning to expand distribution to Europe and elsewhere – places with great demand for British-made products.

As Bee Good continues to grow, production has ramped up as well. What was once a husband and wife team, producing small batches of skin cream and lip balm, has become a team of eight employees selling, marketing and distributing an entire line of premium skincare products.

When it comes to the Bee Good website, Simon wants to keep it as simple as possible for his team to manage. The same goes with his email marketing.

The Results

After testing out at least four different email marketing tools, including MailChimp, Simon chose Remarkety.

While using Remarkety, Bee Good has seen nearly 19% of shoppers return to place a second purchase and an average purchase rate of nearly 10% across all their email campaigns.

Bee Good sees the best performance from their abandoned basket campaign and inactive customer campaign.

The abandoned basket campaign is sent two hours after abandonment and boasts a 13% purchase rate.Inactive Customer Email Segmentation

Bee Good’s two inactive customer campaigns are sent to customers who haven’t placed an order in three months or more.

Simon leverages the soft sell with this campaign choosing to share the company story versus forcing a sale. Beneath the story is a coupon along with product recommendations.

This email has resonated with his customers and sees an average purchase rate of 8%.Bee_Good_Inactive_Customer_EmaiPerformance aside, what makes Remarkety stand out is the pre-built campaigns, Simon said.

All he has to do in Remarkety’s dashboard is click on a campaign he wants to create and use the text inside the email as a guide for Bee Good.

What he also likes is how simple it is to segment customers – whether it’s by their number of orders or total spent, for example.

And on top of it all, Simon said, the Remarkety dashboard tells us how it’s doing.

With weekly performance emails along with high-level metrics like revenue generated by month and year, the ROI is easy-to-spot.

As Bee Good continues to grow, email marketing campaigns powered by Remarkety will continue to be a integral part of their marketing mix.

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Bee Good produces natural skincare with the help of British bees.

Hampshire, United Kingdom