Dollboxx Success Story

With Matt Peisley, Co-Founder

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The Story

Dollboxx is an international swimwear label owned and operated by Matt Peisley and Sarah Goodwin.

Before Dollboxx launched in 2014, the two had demanding full time jobs and they weren’t sure if they could manage running an eCommerce business, too.


Sarah made the jump first, leaving her job to focus on the business. Matt, meanwhile, moonlighted from their home office.

Matt handled technology, marketing and business operations, while Sarah led product development and creative direction.

What sets Dollboxx apart is their focus on design. Matt and Sarah knew if they would ever compete with Triangle or Victoria Secret, they had to design and manufacturer their own swimwear.

Their unique designs have turned Dollboxx into an international label, that’s shipped to the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

By chasing the summer, wherever it may be, Matt and Sarah are busy with Dollboxx year-round.

The Results

As the company’s contact list grew too, Matt realized they needed to engage with their customers more consistently.

He didn’t want to send bulk emails because that’s just spam, he said.

After reading about the amazing ROI on email marketing, Matt determined behavioral-based emails would be critical to increasing customer lifetime value.

MailChimp lacked these capabilities, so he began looking for a new email marketing platform.

When Matt found Remarkety, he was able to send emails for every kind of possible trigger and customer behavior.


He immediately noticed how customers were more likely to open, click and make a purchase as a result of these relevant and personalized emails.

Dollboxx currently sends a variety of email campaigns including abandoned carts, order follow ups and reward programs.

Inside each email campaign, Matt leverages product recommendations automatically generated by Remarkety based on customer behavior.

These product recommendations are effectively able to cross sell and up sell customers.


In fact, Dollboxx has a 65% purchase rate on their rewards program emails and has increased sales 13% with their abandoned cart and segmented newsletter email campaigns.

And since Remarkety integrates with Shopify, it’s easy to see every sale generated as a result of these automated behavioral-based email campaigns.

Unlike analytics in other apps, Matt finds Remarkety’s dashboard is so much easier to use.

It’s simple to get a high level overview of the revenue generated by Remarkety along with critical metrics like opens, clicks and customer lifetime value.

While the number of ongoing trigger email campaigns Dollboxx is sending is in the double digits, Matt believes they still are only scratching the surface of Remarkety’s capabilities.

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Dollboxx is an Australian producer of premium swimwear for women.

Sydney, Australia

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