Abandoned Cart Open Rate
Conversion rate via automation

The Business

Trophy Central, a leading provider of custom trophies, plaques, and awards, was founded in 1999. At that time ordering a trophy entailed two trips to a store: one to pick out the trophy and give in the text of the engraving and another one a week or so later to pick it up.

Trophy Central transformed that paradigm by allowing customers to make their selections for trophies and engravings online and getting the finished product shipped to them. It was a game-changer for the industry.

“We love our business,” declares  Trophy Central’s President and Founder, Neil Rader. It’s not just about offering a great selection, reliability, and a quick turnaround, but delivering the kind of happiness that one-of-a-kind personalization makes possible.

The Challenge 

While the trophies and gifts are personalized on demand, taking that approach to email marketing doesn’t work at scale. Trophy Central tried several approaches but all entailed labor-intensive processes to carry over lists, import orders, and leads, and insert images into emails and newsletters.

They considered several popular email solutions, but those solutions didn’t automatically integrate with their Yahoo Small Business eCommerce Platform. That meant that implementing them didn’t remove the need for extensive manual input.

“Integration is key,” Rader insists.

The Solution 

That’s why the only solution that truly met their needs was Remarkety’s.

“Remarkety offered both integrations to our Yahoo platform and the automation we were looking for as well,” Rader says.

Rader recalls that they began by using the Remarkety free Email Popup Form to collect leads from customers who visited the site. “Almost immediately we were collecting email addresses from site visitors.”

Converting those customers was the next step, and it was achieved easily with an automated email that offered a discount code.

The seamless integration made and automation work without having to manually update things. That saved time. Plus, Remarkety intuitive setup also made it easy to set up personalized campaigns without having to learn technical skills.

That made it easy to add additional revenue-drivers, like cart abandonment and personalized “time to reorder” reminders.  When they became more familiar with the system, they added automated holiday promotions.

The Results

All those Remarkety features added up to more revenue with clear attribution through the platform. “One of the things we really like about Remarkety is that you can easily see the success at a campaign level.”

Rader recounts that the platform showed new leads coming in, primarily from the popup on their homepage. Over two years, that added up to over 31,000 leads!

They were able to effectively follow up on those leads with Remarkety’s automated email that improved conversions.

They can boast of a better than  40% average open rate for abandoned cart emails and between a 21% to 29% click-through rate. While he prefers to keep the numbers private, Rader also pointed out that the business “saw a nice pickup from most of the campaigns we ran.”

Trophy Central increased sales by capitalizing on Remarkety’s automation and personalization features to send out emails for abandoned carts, holiday promotions, reminders to place orders for the sports season, and offerings to customers who bought from this category in the past.

Remarkety is the winning solution for trophies and other eCommerce businesses.

Trophy Central


New York