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Start sending emails to your customers based on their shopping behavior and purchase history

Discover More Ways To Reach Existing Customers With Email

Send Unlimited Types of Email Campaigns

Automatic Email Follow Ups

Send email follow ups with coupons, cross sells, up sells and more.

Targeted Newsletters

Send emails targeted to customers based on items bought, previous orders, total spend and more.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Automatically send email when items are left shopping carts or baskets.

Product Recommendations

Easily add personalized product recommendations based on what other customers bought.


The Easiest Way to Send Intelligent Emails

Remarkety makes it super simple for your store to send automated and personalized emails based on customer shopping behavior and purchase history.

Join thousands of other eCommerce store owners using Remarkety and start sending more relevant email to your customers. More relevant emails means more opens, more clicks and most importantly, more sales.

Your store will be able to send product recommendations, win back inactive customers, recover abandoned carts, increase repeat sales, create reward programs and much more.

Complete Integration With These eCommerce Platforms

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“Remarkety is a great email marketing service. We have generated over $23,000 in sales using Remarkety in 8 months. Support is also great!”

“Remarkety is a really powerful and easy-to-use email marketing platform that helped our brand generate over 35% more sales.”

“We needed an eCommerce email platform that ticked a lot of boxes and worked at varying levels of input. Remarkety’s affordable scaling plans made it really worthwhile.”