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Capture more email addresses with website popups

By November 25, 2015November 27th, 2015Email Marketing, How To Guides, News

If you’re not already capturing email addresses of your visitors with a website popup, now you can with Remarkety.Design_Email_Popups_RemarketyWe’ve just launched our very own website popup to help you capture visitor email addresses. Let’s get to it.

How to Capture Email Addresses with Remarkety

1) In your Remarkety dashboard, click the gear icon and then ‘Subscription form’ in the drop down.

Drop Down Subscription Form

2) Give the popup a name. This name will also be used as the customer tag in your contact lists.


3) Adjust the settings and design to craft your shop’s customized popup. Then click ‘Preview’ at the bottom of the page to see how it looks.


4) Add the Javascript code to your website before the </body> tag in pages you want the popup to appear.

Copy and Paste code

5) Click ‘Save changes’ and your popup is now live on your website!

save changes

After creating an email popup, be sure to design a series of welcome emails, also known as member followup emails to convert these folks into customers. Learn more about welcome emails here.

If you’re looking for even more robust popups, including email bars, forms and conversion reporting, check out Privy.

We just partnered with them to make it easier for stores using Remarkety to easily capture email addresses with Privy popups. Go here to learn more.

Whether you use Remarkety’s website popup or Privy, capturing more email addresses means greater opportunities to turn shoppers into longtime customers.

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