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Email remarketing for WooCommerce by Remarkety

By Email Marketing, News

We are thrilled to announce that Remarkety is now available to WooCommerce stores as a “WooCommerce Extension.” WooCommerce retailers can leverage their store’s data to find repeat sales opportunities automatically.

  WooCommerce + Remarkety

To sign up for free and get the WooCommerce extensionclick here.

Increase sales from customers and prospects

Remarkety lets WooCommerce users increase sales from customers and prospects by sending automated emails based on customers’ behavior and purchase history. With Remarkety retailers can automatically win back inactive customers, recover abandoned carts, turn members into customers, increase repeated sales,incentivize clients with reward programs, and so much more. And the best part is that it’s virtually effortless – all they have to do is define campaign strategies, based on Remarkery’s recommendations, and Remarkety  takes care of the rest, automatically. Read More

Automated and Personalized Product Recommendations in Email

By Email Marketing, News

Great news folks! We have added a new feature which enables stores to make automated and personalized product recommendations by email.

It gets better. Because these product recommendations can be added into any email campaign.

You can now add a “other customers who have purchased this product have also purchased” section to any email that you send. These products are shown with images, descriptions and prices. The feature can be used to present cross-sell and up-sell opportunities according to customer purchase history data. Read More