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Email remarketing for WooCommerce by Remarkety

By April 24, 2014April 1st, 2015Email Marketing, News

We are thrilled to announce that Remarkety is now available to WooCommerce stores as a “WooCommerce Extension.” WooCommerce retailers can leverage their store’s data to find repeat sales opportunities automatically.

  WooCommerce + Remarkety

To sign up for free and get the WooCommerce extensionclick here.

Increase sales from customers and prospects

Remarkety lets WooCommerce users increase sales from customers and prospects by sending automated emails based on customers’ behavior and purchase history. With Remarkety retailers can automatically win back inactive customers, recover abandoned carts, turn members into customers, increase repeated sales,incentivize clients with reward programs, and so much more. And the best part is that it’s virtually effortless – all they have to do is define campaign strategies, based on Remarkery’s recommendations, and Remarkety  takes care of the rest, automatically.

No more excuses – everything is completely automated

Unlike large retailers, small online stores usually don’t have the time, expertise or resources to manage their marketing activities towards existing customers. Remarkety solves this challenge completely:

  • No time? no problem – Remarkety is completely automated. Each type of campaign (e.g. abandoned cards, reward programs, etc.) preconfigured with default settings that work. After the activation of the campaign Remarkety sends emails automatically based on the store’s data.
  • No expertise needed – Remarkety automatically analyzes the store’s historic data, and recommends relevant campaigns. The campaigns leverage the best practices and the shared experience of thousands of other retailers. The best timing, the best wording, the best templates, based on collective experience from thousands of online stores.

Main Features

  • Unlimited campaigns and emails – With Remarkety you are not limited by the number of campaigns and emails. You can build as many campaigns as you want and Remarkety will make sure that the shoppers will not receive too many emails.
  • 100% automatic – Remarkety sends the right message to the right person at the right time based on your store’s data.
  • Smart recommendations engine – Remarkety is more than just a platform for sending remarketing emails, it’s like having a consultant at your side, who constantly analyzes your data and suggests what to do next. Based on your data and best practices from thousands of other retailers, it suggests new campaign types and fine tuning of existing campaigns. For more information – A behind-the-scenes look at Remarkety’s recommendation engine
  • Effective ready-to-use templates – setting up a campaign is extremely easy, as they include pre-defined settings and effective wording suggestions. You can of course change these settings and Remarkety will help you fine-tune them as you go.
  • Automated product recommendations – automatically add cross-sale and up-sale opportunities to the emails that you send. For more information – Automated Product Recommendations
  • Coupons – offer incentives through real coupons that included in the emails and automatically added to your store. For more information – For more information – Conversion Stats and Best Practices for Using Coupons in Email Remarketing
  • Multi-tier loyalty programs – motivate customers to make more purchases by adding  multi-tier rewards for repeat purchases. For more information – Don’t treat all your customers the same
  • Conversion-based analytics – Remarkety’s intuitive dashboard lets you see real conversions (purchases), allowing you to understand which activities are yielding the best results and what you can do to improve them

How to get started

Connecting your Woocommerce store to Remarkety is extremely easy. In just a few minutes you can begin increasing your sales. No technical knowledge required!

  1. Sign up to Remarkety for free
  2. Download and Install the Remarkety plugin (Standard WordPress plugin installation)

Get Extension Button

Based on the analysis of the data, Remarkety will recommend the most relevant remarketing campaign, and with a click of a button you can start increasing your sales.