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Creating Rewards Program Automated Email Campaigns that Drive Results

More ecommerce retailers are implementing loyalty programs for the simple fact that – they work. However, employing these rewards programs alone won’t get the job done. To generate the revenue that has a significant impact on your shop’s ROI, retailers must take steps to use their email marketing automation to promote these beneficial programs.

A recent study reported that over 75% of online shoppers felt that receiving personalized discounts based on their recent purchase history was incredibly valuable. Plus, consumers who are subject to these individualized shopping experiences are 10 times more likely to be loyal to the brand and make an average of 15 more purchases in a one-year period.

Loyalty programs are an essential component to marketing automation campaigns, and invaluable to both sales and brand allegiance. Take a look at some examples of how online retailers can use effective email marketing and automated trigger messages to continually promote online rewards to their customers.

It’s What You Say AND Who You Say It To

Remarkety’s email marketing platform offers the communications tools retailers need to maximize their ROI from the rewards program. From email segmentation to automation, ecommerce retailers can generate the messages that engage consumers and keep them apprised of their rewards.

  1. Personalization
    Remarkety lets you tailor email communications to the individual buyer. Using preferences based on browsing and purchase behaviors, you can entice buyers to purchase specific items of interest using accumulated rewards.
  2. Rewards Updates
    Setting up data-driven, automated emails will update users with individual rewards balances to drive spend of unused points. Plus, incentivizing purchases by illustrating how additional buys could get them to their desired rewards leads to supplemental sales. Remarkety also lets you segment customers based on how many points away they are from obtaining rewards, or by expiration dates of rewards so they will be used within a certain time period. Using advanced scripting tags, you can elevate consumers to new levels within the rewards program automatically. Remarkety lets you create granular, targeted emails that appeal to the individual.
  3. Competitive Edge
    Crafting emails with tips and instruction for ecomm retailers on how to implement and use a rewards program is of value to get up and running quickly, however the emails that discuss how “similar businesses” are finding success with the program really piques interest. Remarkety offers the insight to show you how competitors are benefiting from loyalty programs through their targeted messages to encourage retailers to use rewards programs in ways they’ve never tried. Doing this not only increases sales but keeps consumers engaged in the communications.

Remarkety’s partnership with allows ecommerce retailers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate a rewards program into their store at no extra cost. Coupled with our innovative marketing automation designed exclusively for the online marketplace, Remarkety enables you to increase ecommerce sales through behavior-driven intelligence and effective communication to customers.

As the leading email partner for online retailers, Remarkety helps to create a more personalized shopping experience for buyers and promotes brand awareness to grow your database. Contact us for a customized demo and to learn how Remarkety can support your ecommerce store and family of brands.