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Design Sexier Emails with Our New Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

By March 7, 2016April 4th, 2016Email Marketing, News

We’re happy to announce that our new email editor, that is completely drag-and-drop, is now live!

What does this mean exactly? Well, it’s going to be a whole lot easier to design sexy and beautiful emails.

Email Editor Gif

Simply grab an element you want to place in an email, like coupons, product recommendations or columns and drop them into the editor.

Designing beautiful emails will be easier than ever. 

If you don’t care about reading all of the really exciting changes we’ve made to the editor, jump to your Remarkety dashboard and start creating new campaigns now.

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Now, let’s get back to the details.

This template editor is designed for eCommerce first. It designed to help you easily create amazing emails that convert and drive more sales for your business.

So from the dynamic personalized tags that link to a customer’s checkout and reference a customer’s last order, to the personalized product recommendations and coupons – you’ll find it easy and fast to customize your emails.

product recommendations

See what I mean?

The customization options are practically endless, but if too many options and a blank slate scare you off, don’t fret!

The new template editor will come with a handful of prebuilt templates that are all responsive.

In other words, they’re going to look good on every type of device imaginable.Resposive_Email_Templates

We added few more powerful features to help you create effective campaigns. One of the biggest changes we added is the way you can setup product recommendations and coupons. These features can be customized now without long custom text tags and confusing codes.

The same place where you pick segmentations and conditions is where you will customize coupons and product recommendations. Read more about product recommendations here.

Product Recos and Coupons

Now, you might have a few questions which is why we have some answers for you below.

– What will happen to my existing email campaigns?
– Can I edit my existing email campaigns with the new template editor?
– Can I access the old template editor?
– Are there new ways to customize emails?
– Can I design my own email template?
– Will there be pre-built templates?
– What are basics of the template editor I should know?

What will happen to my existing email campaigns?

Nothing! Your existing campaigns will continue to be delivered as usual.

Can I edit my existing email campaigns with the new template editor?

Unfortunately, the old email template editor has a format that’s incompatible with the new editor.

If you want to leverage the new template editor, you’d need to create a new campaign.

Can I access the old template editor?

Yes, the old template editor is how you will edit all of your existing email campaigns. When designing new email campaigns, you can use the old template editor by clicking the ‘Switch to HTML’ button.

To use the new template editor, you’ll need to create a new campaign from scratch.

Are there new ways to customize emails?

Absolutely! The new template editor will make it easier for anyone to design emails that are responsive and beautiful.

A whole bunch of drag-and-drop elements, like images, text, buttons, coupons, product recommendations and more can be added instantly.

Can I design my own email templates?

Sure can. We even wrote up this nice article about how to create a master template for all of your email campaigns.

Will there be pre-built templates to pick from?

There will a few pre-built templates to choose from immediately after the launch of the new editor and we will be adding more regularly. And best of all, these templates are totally responsive.

What are basics of the template editor I should know?

We’ve numbered important areas of the template editor and provide an explanation of each below.

Editor Breakdown

  1. The progress bar will guide you through the creation of your email campaign. There’s ‘General’ which includes the segmentations and rules of the campaign. There’s ‘Content’ where the email is designed. Then there is ‘Preview’ where you deliver test emails and can see how the email will look on mobile and desktop. And lastly, there is ‘Delivery’ where you can activate an email campaign.
  2. Select from the drag-and-drop element tab (shown) or dynamic tags tab. Dynamic tags will allow you to personalize emails by a customer’s order history, their name, where they live and more.
  3. The change template button will allow you to choose from pre-built templates. You can also upload your own HTML template.
  4. These are all the different drag-and-drop elements you can add into an email campaign. From text boxes, to dividers, to coupons and much more.
  5. Switch to the old template editor where you will be able to edit the HTML used in the campaign.
  6. This area is where you can take the drag-and-drop elements from the left and place them into the email template. The editor is intuitive and what you see is what you’ll get.

If you have any questions, drop us a line. And if you still haven’t, sign up now to try Remarkety free for 14-days.