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Labor Day Email Marketing Tips

There are few things Americans enjoy more than barbecues, holiday weekends, parades and barbecuing after parades on holiday weekends. One of those things is buying stuff.Email_Marketing_Tips_Labor_Day_WeekendWith Labor Day Weekend coming up (Friday, September 4th – Monday, September 7th), it’s definitely time to start thinking about your email marketing plan.

Why? Because Labor Day Weekend is a really, really popular weekend for people spending money.

Only Black Friday is a bigger day for buying stuff.

So even though people aren’t lining up on Thanksgiving or fist-fighting in Walmart, they are shopping the sales.

It’s worth your while to capitalize on this upcoming holiday with these Labor Day email marketing tips.

I mean, you are trying to make some serious sales, right?

There are a few different angles you can take with your email campaigns.

We’ll go through the different themes you can inject into your email and then give you advice on how to pull your Labor Day email marketing campaign together.

Sunsetting on lake

End of Summer

This is a great way to get rid of inventory that may be going out of style this season and turn a profit.

If you sell products that consumers could use for the Labor Day Weekend (cosmetics, beach supplies, swimwear, etc.) start promoting early and keep promoting.

Remember, sales are made after persistent followups.

Consider sending order follow up emails on products that customer bought in the beginning of the summer. They might want to re-up.

Throw in product recommendations into all of your emails.

This will remind the customer you have other products they might like before beach season fades away.

Start_of_Fall_ImageStart of Fall

A perfect time to showcase your new collection of products. Even better, pair the new collection with a sale or promotion.

And as crazy as it sounds, consider getting your customers ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes, even, Christmas or Hanukkah.

We found that starting in September, the numbers of emails being sent grows dramatically month-over-month until December.

That data here.

School Bus Image

Start of School

The variety of products aimed at the start of the school year is huge.

It’s not just back-to-school clothes and supplies, consider snacks for school lunches or gifts for new teachers.

Since the start of a new school year usually means more free time for stay-at-home parents, celebrate the occasion by creating a promotion just for them.

College students are a great demographic for a number of products – clothes, furniture, dorm supplies, electronics, etc.


Weekend Tailgates

The most popular sport starts up around Labor Day.

Yes, that would be football.

Depending on where you live and the football teams you support, tailgating can look quite different.

For example, in the South, people dress up for tailgate, in the North, not so much.

Remember your audience here and be careful about which teams your customers might have allegiance.

Pull It All Together

So now that you have an idea about the different themes you can focus on with your campaign, let’s get into the weeds a bit.

Do you want to blast an email to all of your customers or do you want to segment out the lists?


Segmented List or One-Time Blast?

When it comes to big holidays and sales, a newsletter might not be a bad bet, but if you want to get targeted with your email, you’ll want to segment the list.

Segment by products a customer has or hasn’t purchased in the past, when they last placed an order and more.

Consider when the email is being sent, too.

Send Before the Weekend

While people might be shopping on Labor Day Weekend, a lot of people are at the beach and not thinking about looking at email.

Send before the weekend hits because no one is thinking about buying toilet paper on Labor Day. Unless your kids plan on TP’ing a freshman’s house.

Here are the best times to send email, if you’re wondering.


Piggyback on the Holiday

If you don’t sell products that relate to Labor Day, you can still benefit from the holiday.

Use Labor Day as a reason to have a sale or discount and still support the unions!

Free shipping right after the long weekend or free returns are always a nice touch.

Final Thoughts

So even though it’s Labor Day and you want to show your support for the movement, don’t send an email unless you have something good to say.

New line of products? Good reason to send an email.

Launching a sale on all leftover summer gear? Good reason to send an email.

Telling people Happy Labor Day? Probably not a good reason to send someone an email unless you’re leveraging an incentive.

If you want to increase sales before Labor Day, try Remarkety free for 30 days. Or if you have questions, drop us a line.

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