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nopCommerce Days 2018

As the biggest nopCommerce conference event is approaching, the excitement is building up.

nopcommerce days 2018 for developers

Whether you are already a successful developer or still tinkering with the platform to see what is possible, this conference event can give you a major leg-up in making connections and building your business.

The best two days of the year for all nopCommerce developers are less than three months away. A nopCommerce community has officially surpassed 220,000 users – so it is not a surprise that experience for attendees at nopCommerce Days has gotten better year after year.

This year we are taking the developer experience to the next level. Here is a sneak peak of what to expect at nopCommerce Days 2018:

1. Biggest nopCommerce event ever

This time we will meet in Las Vegas at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 8-9 of November. It is going to be the biggest event ever – The diversity on the attendee list is unmatched; with 700+ attendees from 40+ countries and experts from a huge spectrum of businesses. For two full days, nopCommerce developers and experts will come together for learning, networking, and exploration of the latest nopCommerce features and innovations.

While the agenda for the conference event is jammed packed with keynotes, workshops and presentations, the sessions are strategically planned to provide ample time for networking – be sure to take advantage of this time! This is going to be a great opportunity for developers and solution partners to make connections. If you are a developer and can provide a solution to a business, make sure to attend store owner sessions and approach them with a solution during exhibition or networking.

2. Transparent roadmap

One of the best things about nopCommerce is that the roadmap is very open and transparent. The conference event will start with a keynote session where the CEO of nopCommerce (Andrei Mazulnitsyn) will be talking about the future and roadmap of nopCommerce. His speech will include all the details about what has been achieved in the past, the current state of the platform and the direction where nopCommerce will be going in future. This can be a great opportunity for developers and admins to learn about what is coming and how to prepare for it.

There is no better place to learn what is new and exciting in nopCommerce world straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak!

3. Dedicated sessions for developers

One of the two tracks at nopCommerce Days is completely dedicated to developers. The sessions are hand-picked by nopCommerce team from the best community submissions. These technical sessions have everything for beginner to advanced topics on nopCommerce ecosystem and integration. nopCommerce experts and solution partners will be presenting on topics and case studies, giving you an insight of how they handle challenging requirements and scenarios when it comes to nopCommerce development. Some of the topics are as follows:

  • Architecting ASP.NET Core solutions
  • Tips and Tricks when working with nopCommerce
  • Tips on how to improve the performance of highly loaded nopCommerce sites
  • Developing nopCommerce Plugins and Themes the Agile Way

There is something for everyone!!

4. Speaking to the experts

nopCommerce Days is the only event where you can find the most number of industry experts. This is an opportunity for you as a developer to interact with these experts and ask them various questions in person. Are you wondering how the newest version of ASP.NET Core will affect nopCommerce? The ASP.NET team from Microsoft is going to attend this conference event and will be talking about:

  • Advanced ASP.NET Core Configuration and Deployment
  • Building the Real-time Web with ASP.NET Core SignalR
  • Serverless Workflows with Azure Functions

This event will be attended by nopCommerce partners: development agencies, technology partners and hosting providers; individual developers, product and project managers, store owners and eCommerce experts. Whether you are advanced in nopCommerce, developing or managing online stores for years, started several days ago or considering the platform for your next project, this event will help you get to know nopCommerce world and discover its ecosystem.

5. Product innovation

You can expect innovation when the world’s most innovative minds come to nopCommerce Days to present, inspire and motivate attendees. You can visit sessions from both tracks to see how companies and solution partners are using nopCommerce platform beyond your though to develop innovative products.

Make sure to purchase your tickets soon, and we’ll see you in Las Vegas at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 8-9 of November!

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