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How to Recover Browse Abandonment with Emails

By May 25, 2018August 8th, 2018Email Marketing, News

You’re probably already recovering abandoned carts and now with Remarkety, you can recover abandoned browsers (browse abandonment). That means, you can turn 95% of your window shoppers into buyers and increase revenue through highly targeted email messages.

Browse Abandonment Emails for Ecommerce

This is a critical component of any eCommerce website. Browse abandonment campaigns help to drive more sales and communicate with shoppers when they start their top funnel customer journey.

So why should you consider running a browse abandonment campaign?

Firstly, BigCommerce reports the average eCommerce website has a 2%-3% percent conversion. That means 97 percent of people shopping on your website are not purchasing!!!

Enter the browse abandonment email campaign.

Also known as browser side tracking or website tracking, think of it like this. An abandoned cart campaign targets shoppers that leave items in their cart and goads them to finish an order. With a browse abandonment campaign, shoppers don’t even need to put anything in their cart. Thus, this campaign would be triggered before an abandoned cart campaign. By tracking the products shoppers are browsing online, Remarkety is able to re-target them with an email displaying the products they viewed and similar products and/or coupons as well.

The web-tracking is all done by placing a small line of code in your website. Remarkety will leverage cookies to determine a shopper’s email address, regardless of whether they’re logged in or not, and target them with a relevant browse abandonment email. Shoppers that qualify for this kind of email campaign must have clicked on an email in the last 90 days OR subscribed via popup/form OR is signed into the website while shopping. We have your back.

Some of the smartest and biggest brands are using browser recovery campaigns to bring customers back. Brands such as AirBNB, Dollar Shave Club and PacSun.

Browse Abandonment Emails - best practices

Something to keep in mind, however, is that an abandoned browse recovery email is a very sensitive type of email. Certain customers might find it invasive or even creepy depending on the language used inside the email.

Subject Lines

When it comes to the subject line of a browse abandonment campaign, consider creating a sense of urgency or thanking a customer for visiting the website. Here are some  ideas:

  • Only a few sizes left
  • We’re saving these for you
  • Did you see something you liked?
  • 10% off your next order with [store name]
  • Thanks for stopping by

There are also some subject lines to avoid. “Reminder – here are the things you looked at on our site” might be something that turns off your customers. It just feels creepy.

Delivery Timing for Browse Abandonment

Timing is everything in life. Do you want to deliver this kind of campaign once a month or anytime a shopper leaves the site after viewing specific products? Do you want to deliver one hour after a shopper left your site or one day? Customizing these kinds of parameters in Remarkety is possible, and ultimately how your shoppers engage with the emails will determine delivery timing. Learn your shopper’s behavior. We strongly recommend to A/B test everything. From open rates, clicks and conversions to dictate the best time to send. Also consider our research on best days and times to send email.

Browse Abandonment Emails - settings

Product Recommendations Engine

Shopper’s recently viewed products is a recommendation type unique to the browse abandonment campaign. It can be based on the products a customer has viewed most often or just their most recent. Other recommendation types like, “Customers who bought this also bought…” will look at the products a customer browsed and suggest similar products.

Browse Abandonment - Product Recommendations

Adding personal product recommendations into the email is as simple as drag & drop the ‘Product Recommendations’ block element into your email template.

how to add reviews into emails

See how easy that was? For additional information on personal product recommendations, keep reading here.

When paired with inactive customer winbacks, abandoned carts and a thoughtful email strategy, an abandoned browser campaign can be a very effective way of growing sales from new and returning customers.

How To Get It

Remarkety offers a massive list of built-in campaigns. When creating a new campaign, you’ll find the Browse Abandonment Email Campaign option in your dashboard as one of the options (see above).

Remarkety support this type of campaigns for following eCommerce platforms:

Upgrade to the latest version of Remarkety here.

Shopify and Shopify Plus
Read our support article here.

Read our support article here.


Remarkety Custom API

Yahoo Small Business




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