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Remarkety is Now Integrated with Zapier

We’re happy to announce you can integrate Remarkety with your favorite tools and apps using Zapier. If you’re using popups and other forms to capture leads, Zapier can ‘Zap’ those email addresses to Remarkety.


Learn how to connect Remarkety and Zapier here.

There are many ways and scenarios Zapier can be used with Remarkety, but ultimately, it’s about ensuring you can deliver Remarkety emails to the shoppers subscribing on your website.

Let’s say you deliver a special popup to your first-time visitors offering 10% off their first order. Creating a ‘Zap’ from Zapier will send an email addresses to Remarkety anytime someone fills out the popup.

From there, you can create a welcome email delivered to customers instantly with a special coupon for 10% off their first order. And since this is Remarkety, you’ll be able to segment customers by tags depending on which popup or form they filled out, too.

For additional details and setting up an integration between Remarkety and your favorite apps with Zapier, keep reading here.