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Remarkety VS Receiptful – Differences and Similarities

By March 2, 2016May 19th, 2016Email Marketing

Receiptful is a popular transactional email platform that is often compared to Remarkety. Customers will ask us what are the differences between Remarkety and Receiptful. First things first, both Receiptful and Remarkety are eCommerce email marketing platforms. Their products and features are designed to increase retention, up-sell customers with product recommendations and more.

Remarkety VS Receiptful Comparison

While Receiptful started as a transactional email company, they’ve expanded their offerings with order followups and abandoned carts, effectively making them an email marketing platform similar to Remarkety. The biggest difference between Remarkety and Receiptful is the level of customization and segmentation available to Remarkety users. 

eCommerce shops using Remarkety can customize the number of automated emails delivered to their customers based on a variety of parameters. Neither are available on Receiptful, for example. Receiptful does, however, offer dynamic and one-time use Shopify coupons. Both platforms also offer a 14-day free trial. Read on to find out about an alternative to Receiptful.

Remarkety VS Receiptful 

Let’s break it down.
– Newsletters
– Abandoned Carts
– Welcome Series
– Transactional Emails
– Shopify Dynamic Coupons
– Customizable Product Recommendations
– Email Tracking & Reports



Remarkety makes it easy to design bulk newsletters that can be delivered to your entire contact list or segmented by customer purchase history and other conditions. Those would be called targeted newsletters. Receiptful does not currently support newsletters.

Abandoned Carts


Both Remarkety and Receiptful can deliver abandoned cart emails, however, Receiptful limits the customizations to three abandoned cart emails. Remarkety allows for unlimited types of abandoned cart emails that can be A/B tested and segmented by order value, the products left behind in a customer’s cart and other purchase history and shopping behavior..

Welcome Emails


Remarkety is able to deliver emails to subscribers who have never placed a purchase at your store. This means you can design a series of welcome emails to nurture subscribers converting them into customers. Receiptful does not have this functionality.

Transactional Emails


Receiptful is able to replace Shopify’s transactional emails and email receipts. Remarkety does not replace Shopify’s transactional emails.

Shopify Dynamic Coupons


Receiptful is able to generate dynamic, one-time use Shopify coupons in emails. Remarkety currently supports dynamic coupons for Shopify Plus stores. For non-Plus stores, dynamic coupons can be uploaded into Remarkety and placed into emails. Remarkety also supports dynamic coupons for WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Bigcommerce, VirtueMart and OpenCart, however.

Customizable Product Recommendations


Remarkety has a powerful and customizable recommendation engine. You can edit and customize product recommendations you include in your emails. These include best-sellers, best-sellers from a specific category, items typically purchased with the the products left in a cart, newest products and more. Receiptful only offers best sellers in their product recommendations.

Email Tracking & Reports


Both Remarkety and Receiptful offer email tracking and reports based on engagement with emails including opens, clicks and conversions. Remarkety offers additional tracking like bounced, spam and deliverability. Both platforms have a customer engagement timeline with related events for each individual customer.

In Summary

While Remarkety and Receiptful are similar in a number of ways, they are both eCommerce email marketing platforms after all, there are a few features that really separate the two.

Remarkety gives you a more complete service to design, send and track email campaigns that target your subscribers/leads and existing customers. Receiptful can only target your existing customers.

The Remarkety platform also provides comprehensive segmentations for email campaigns based on customer order history and customizable product recommendations. These are all things that are not provided by Receiptful.

Receiptful does offer unique coupons and transactional emails that can replace Shopify’s transactional emails.

If you’re ready to try Remarkety free for thirty days, sign up here. If you’d rather see a demo of the dashboard, drop us a line and we can set something up.

If you’re not ready to do either, take a gander at our popular articles below.

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