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eCommerce Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2016

By Email Marketing, News

Perhaps you’ve been poking around your email campaign reports in Remarkety and wanted to know how your email campaign performance compares to other eCommerce shops. Header Image eCommerce Email MarketingThere are quite a few questions to ask, such as what is a good open rate? What is a good click rate? What is a good email conversion rate?

We have crunched the numbers for you so you can see the average open, click and conversion rates by different campaign types. Read More

Remarkety’s Max Katsarelas Featured on 2x eCommerce Podcast

By Email Marketing, Press

Max Katsarelas, Marketing Director at Remarkety, spoke about automated email marketing with Kunle Campbell on his popular 2x eCommerce Podcast. 2x eCommerce Podcast

To listen to the episode, visit 2x eCommerce here.

In the episode, you’ll hear about four high-value automated email campaigns your store should be running, how to set up these kinds of automated campaigns, the latest eCommerce trends, and ways to improve email marketing metrics like opens, clicks and conversions.

Also included in the episode are real-life examples of eCommerce shop owners using Remarkety to design, send and track highly effective feedback campaigns, reward campaigns and new user registration campaigns to grow sales with email. To keep reading, make the jump or listen to the podcast.