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eCommerce Email Marketing Abandoned Cart

Do you know why your shoppers abandon their carts?

By Email Marketing

The abandoned cart email is one issue that is still painful for all eCommerce marketers, large and small. The problem is simple, you already have a shopper on your website, they are interested in a specific product (high purchase intent) which they add to the shopping cart and then – Poof! They disappear without making a purchase.


eCommerce Email Marketing Abandoned Cart

Sounds familiar right? Any online marketer knows that the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is one of the metrics that determines your company’s fate. The second most important metric that actually balances the CAC is the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Since your goal is to keep a positive ROI, you must do everything in your power to track these potential shoppers and get them back. In order to maximize results and optimize conversion rates, you need to first understand why these potential shoppers abandoned their cart. Let’s analyze it and learn more.

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Remarkety’s Max Katsarelas Featured on 2x eCommerce Podcast

By Email Marketing, Press

Max Katsarelas, Marketing Director at Remarkety, spoke about automated email marketing with Kunle Campbell on his popular 2x eCommerce Podcast. 2x eCommerce Podcast

To listen to the episode, visit 2x eCommerce here.

In the episode, you’ll hear about four high-value automated email campaigns your store should be running, how to set up these kinds of automated campaigns, the latest eCommerce trends, and ways to improve email marketing metrics like opens, clicks and conversions.

Also included in the episode are real-life examples of eCommerce shop owners using Remarkety to design, send and track highly effective feedback campaigns, reward campaigns and new user registration campaigns to grow sales with email. To keep reading, make the jump or listen to the podcast.

5 Tips to Improve Email Marketing During the Holidays

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

Email marketing is responsible for 16% of all online sales during the Holiday Season – which happens to be just around the corner. “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, and all the way through the end of December marks a time when shoppers are crazily searching the internet, glued to their inboxes trying to find the perfect gift or deal for their loved ones.

Shopping Dog With Hat and Gloves

There are only 26 short days between “Black Friday” and Christmas morning, meaning shoppers have a lot of shopping to do in a little amount of time. Shoppers spend billions annually – on presents, food and even holiday decorations trying to bring the holiday spirit into their homes, and make the days leading up to their Holiday just as joyous as the day itself. Read More