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New Feature: Segment Emails by Shopify Collections

By January 21, 2016How To Guides, News

We’ve recently launched the ability for Shopify stores to segment their automated emails and newsletters by collections.Header Image for Shopify CollectionsThis is an exciting update for all the shops asking us how to segment emails by Shopify collections. Here’s how it works.

When editing an email campaign in Remarkety, click the drop down to ‘Select or add a new condition’ which will show you the entire list of email segmentation options.

You’ll want to select, ‘Customer has/has not purchased from a category.’Segment_By_Shopify_Collections

Next you’ll want to pick the collection(s). You can select just one or multiple. Pretty simple, right?Choose Shopify Collections in Your Email Campaigns

How will segmenting by collections help my store?

Your emails will be more targeted, more intelligent and make you more money.

If you’re totally lost at this point, you might be thinking, what are Shopify collections?

Shopify collections are like categories for your products.

Collections = Categories

They are designed to help you keep track of your products, but also help customers find what they’re looking for on your website.

A collection could indicate if a product is for women, men, children.shopify collections

They could indicate the different types of dog breeds, like labs, weiner dogs (dachshund) or shepherds.

Other uses of collections include items on sale, limited edition products, seasonal products, different sizes or colors, etc.

For further reading, read Shopify’s explanation on collections which is pretty helpful.


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