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6 simple tips on how to use newest Remarkety features

By July 6, 2015July 8th, 2015Email Marketing, How To Guides

Thought you knew everything there is to know about how to use Remarkety to send your eCommerce emails? You are in for a surprise.

New Remarkety Features Image

We’ve added six new (and simple!) features that will make your life with email marketing easier. And more fun, too!

Start with a guided tour

Are you new to Remarkety and want to learn how to navigate your way through our awesome dashboard? You can now go through a short guided tour that will help you find all the important functions on our dashboard and help you create your first email marketing campaign.

To access your guided tour, simply click on the settings icon on the top right corner of your Remarkety dashboard and choose “Product tour”.

 Remarkety Onboarding Tour

Want to learn more about how to create campaigns? Watch our How To videos!

Define the timing of your emails

After reading our comprehensive study about the best days and times to email your customers you must be itching to try it out. While Remarkety’s ongoing campaigns are sent daily, you can still adjust the time of day when your emails to be sent.

We still recommend for abandoned cart campaigns to be sent as soon as possible. You want to contact your customers while they’re still hot-on-the-trot and ready to purchase.

But for campaigns like inactive customers or feedback request, it might be a better idea to send them at a time when your customers are at work and in front of their computer.

To set a specific send time, open the campaign you want to modify. Then in the bottom left corner, choose the specific hour you want this campaign to be sent every day. The hours are specific to your store’s time zone.

Remarkety new features send time

New ways to recommend relevant products

Who doesn’t love recommending relevant products to their customers? No one, of course. And did you know that you can adjust the recommended products and show specific types of recommendations to your customers? Now you do. :)

There are four types of recommendations you can create:

  1. Also purchased – Products that other customers who bought the same order/cart items also purchased.
  2. Bought together – Products that are usually bought together with products in order/cart.
  3. Category best – Best sellers from the categories of products in order/cart.
  4. Best sellers – Best selling items in your shop

And here’s a little trick – you can recommend products from a specific category by using the category best type recommendation and adding category =”name of your category”. This is how the tag should look: {recommend_items type=”category_best” category=”tablets”}.

Read more about product recommendations here.

Display shorter URLs to customers

If you have a long URL for your store, you can swap it for a shorter URL. Under your store settings, you can select a different store front URL, which will be pulled into the {store_url} tag.


Design and send newsletters

No need to split your time and effort using two email marketing platforms– one to manage on-going campaigns and one to send newsletters from. Now you can use Remarkety to send one time email blasts!

That’s not even the best part.

You can use our “Segmented Newsletter” campaigns to send a newsletter to your entire contact list, or use Remarkety’s awesome segmentation and send newsletters to specific customer groups.

Learn more about Remarkety newsletters here.

Analyze and export campaign reports

You can now find your Remarkety reports for all campaigns in one place! The new reports page allows you to see a summary of all campaigns, drill down to specific ones, choose a range of dates and even export all the data into excel.

Best Email Marketing Reporting Tools

To access your reports page, simply click on the settings icon at the top right corner of your Remarkety dashboard and choose “Reports.”

Read more about new reporting features here.

Still have questions?

We probably have an answer for you. Just search the Remarkety support forum to get answers immediately. You might even learn a few more new tricks.

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