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How to Influence Sales with Email Personalization

By How To Guides

Most people think that social media and influencer marketing has completely surpassed what email marketing could ever achieve, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Email marketing still remains the most effective tool to increase customer lifetime value and increase your sales. The people on your email list have given you a private door into their personal lives, by giving you their email address. It is up to you to use this access to your advantage by respecting their needs and engaging on a personal level. Turns out, an email campaign is 6x more likely to get a click-through than a tweet.  Now it’s time for you to learn how to influence sales with Email personalization.


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So what is people’s concern with email? Why is the entrepreneurial community flocking to social media and abandoning email in search of greener pastures? One of the main advantages of social media is that it fosters a much more personal relationship with potential clients and customers.

How do we reconcile the potency of social media to foster better relationships and the higher conversions of email marketing? You got it! We use email personalization!

So how do you do this? Here are the 4 top strategies to use to personalize your emails:

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Why Does Email Marketing Succeed Where Other Marketing Methods Fail?

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

email marketingAs an email marketing automation platform we are strong advocates of the strength of email marketing but we are fully aware that not everyone is as convinced as we are that email is the way to go. In the very far past, Email marketing previously had a poor reputation, it was perceived as a last-ditch attempt to directly target recipients with sales messages, often discarded as pure Spam. Emails marketing in recent years has undergone a complete transformation and has made a spectacular come-back. Email marketing has revolutionized the way eCommerce companies communicate with potential and existing customers and is hailed more often than not as one of the top revenue drivers for any eCommerce site.

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