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Kim Cohen

70 Essential Email Marketing Terms – The Ultimate Guide

By Email Marketing

Do you know your APIs’ from your Customer Life Time Value?  Confused by Click Rates?  I’ve got good news, you’re not alone. Email marketing with its trendy terminology has been dazzling and confusing Business owners, for decades.

To help combat terminology uncertainties, Remarkety has created a comprehensive list of Email Marketing terms, catered to the eCommerce business user. The glossary is multi-functional and serves to build your marketing knowledge and drive your business to the next level.

Are you ready to expand your vocational vocabulary and prove that you are a marketing wizard? Read on…


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Product Recommendations – The Key to Cross-Sales and Up-Sales

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

eCommerce consumers come and go, its just the nature of the business, or is it? With eCommerce tools such as Remarkety, you can now hold on to your consumers for longer with enticing automated and personalized emails.

The key to your success? Dynamic product recommendations. Want to learn how you can increase your customer lifetime value in just one simple step? Then read on…

product recommendations

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Email Marketing Next Generation Tools: Email Personalization +

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

Here at Remarkety, we believe in taking eCommerce marketing to the next level. Our team has really honed in on what features would be useful to an e-commerce store and built them with you in mind. Time to welcome email marketing ‘Next Generation’ tools.

Today we are going to show you how to take your email personalization to the next level; because putting your customer’s first name in the subject of the email is not longer enough.

Are you ready? Next Generation Email Personalization is here.

Email Personalization+

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Abandoned Cart Email: The Full Story-Part 2

By eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing, How To Guides

Thank you for joining us for the second part of our Abandoned cart email story.

With up to 80% of all carts being left at the last minute eCommerce merchants are crying out for help to capture all that lost revenue. Thankfully Remarkety understands this problem and has created the ultimate cart abandonment tool to help combat the losses.

In the previous chapter we discussed the phenomenon of the abandoned cart and tips to reduce abandonment rates. In today’s chapter, we will be discussing the importance of email capture and showing your some rocking cart abandonment email examples. Are you ready? Here we go…


Abandoned Cart Emails Header Image
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Abandoned Cart Email: The Full Story-Part 1

By Email Marketing, How To Guides, Uncategorized

There are so many abandoned shopping carts. Not in the parking of your local supermarket, but online. As an eCommerce merchant seeing an abandoned cart is a certain trigger to panic. All that work to drive traffic to your store, and boom. Right at the last moment the sale is lost. Argh.

This is a two-part abandoned cart email series. In today’s post we are going to examine the World of Abandoned Cart Emails and how Remarkety can help you tackle the abandoned cart phenomenon.

Abandoned Cart Emails Header Image
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Must Visit eCommerce Conferences 2017/18

By eCommerce Trends

If you are an eCommerce marketer, manager, or business owner, there is always a point where you feel alone and need some motivation or inspiration. You got everything going on five cylinders, you’ve put everything you know into action yet you feel like you may be missing something.

If you are feeling this way then it’s time you got yourself to an eCommerce conference. Conferences are a fantastic place to help you network, brainstorm with some of the top minds in the industry, and get a long list of new tactics to A/B test.

Are you ready to open your mind to the wide-World of eCommerce then read on. In today’s post we are revealing some of the top eCommerce conferences around the World.

eCommerce Conferences

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Warning – Expert Tips Included: Personalized Countdown Timer in Emails

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

Email marketing is a common marketing tool that all successful eCommerce merchants. We are all aware of the importance of personalization, dynamic coupons, segmentation and so on, but how does Remarkety take your email marketing that step further?

Remarkety has the ability to integrate with various external tools that will give you the extra little spice specifically for your business. Today I am going to discuss a fantastic tool that is aimed at adding urgency to your emails. The personalized countdown timer by sendtric.

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Killer 2017 Email Marketing Stats

By Email Marketing

Wow, 2017 is almost over! We have just a few more months and then it’s 2018! This year was super exciting, we had a bunch of new trends and technologies hit the market like chatbots, Linkedin native videos, VR, iPhone X, and so many more.

But don’t get overwhelmed just yet, there is one thing that is consistently helpful and essential for your business success. There is one species that can never go extinct and that is – email! Our killer 2017 email marketing stats prove that email is far from DEAD!

For all of you skeptics out there, email marketing is still the modus operandi, the way things are done. And it’s not because we all got used to it, and we just don’t want to learn the new stuff that’s out there. Email is still the best long-term strategy for your business. Let me show you why.

2017 Email Marketing Stats

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Cross Marketing Channels for eCommerce

By eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing, Uncategorized

Email marketing is still the most popular and potent channel you can use for your e-commerce business. It’s like a powerful river that flows all the profits into your abundant ocean. But what about the tributaries? There must be a bunch of different little streams that contribute to creating this powerful river of goodness.

A singular marketing stream will only grow your business if it meets other streams and flows into a river and then on to the ocean. Using cross marketing channels will empower your marketing efforts and bring your business to another level.

Want to include cross marketing channels to your eCommerce marketing strategy? Read on

Cross Marketing Channels for eCommerce

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