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Email Marketing Next Generation Tools: Email Personalization +

Here at Remarkety, we believe in taking eCommerce marketing to the next level. Our team has really honed in on what features would be useful to an e-commerce store and built them with you in mind. Time to welcome email marketing ‘Next Generation’ tools.

Today we are going to show you how to take your email personalization to the next level; because putting your customer’s first name in the subject of the email is not longer enough.

Are you ready? Next Generation Email Personalization is here.

Email Personalization+

Personalization is part and parcel of email marketing, but many merchants are only personalizing the mere minimum using demographical data. Remarkety uses demographical data together with customer behavior data to create powerful dynamic emails that pack-a-punch.

Next Generation Personalized Product Recommendations

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. A lot of stores send a list of products that are similar to what a customer just purchased. It’s a really effective strategy to increase repeat business and provide more value to each user.

Remarkety has created lots of awesome dynamic tags that you can use to personalize your emails even more and wow your customer. (yes, wow is a verb now!) Dynamic tags use a combination of demographical and customer behavior data to create that punch.

Dynamic tags allow you to do so much more then what you thought was possible. For example; you can automatically input specific categories of products, products that are usually bought together, and best selling products from the last X days into your email.

browse abandonment product recommendations email

This is super easy to do. Here are all the tags that you can use.

Describe quantities easier

If you are using quantities to personalize your post-sale emails then you should be customizing for each client. We have several dynamic tags that do this.

Use the precision tag to round up numbers. For example, you can take out the cents and display: “your total spend was $115” (instead of $115.47).

Use the ordinal tag to add an ordinal suffix to a number. For example, you can write things like 2nd or 3rd with this tag.

Use the currency tag to add the specific currency. This will add the $ sign to the amount.

Adding product recommendations in emails

Combine several tags together to combine all of these features. For example, you would need several tags to write – “Your 2nd order was $135”. This is super simple to set up and all the instructions are found here.

What to do when you don’t have a first name

What happens when your customer never put in their first name? Chances are, their email starts with: “Dear {$shopper.firstName}” – which doesn’t make for a warm and fuzzy introduction.

We need to change that.
This is why we created a way for you to enter a default such as “there” to substitute the garbled code to “Hi there”. This is a crafty little way to make sure that every email comes out perfect. Here are the instructions on how to set it up.

email personalization

Personalizing with a name add familiarity. Image courtesy of Pinterest

Automatically display product recommendation data

The bulk of your product recommendation email should be the depictions of the items themselves. The pictures need to look good and display the right items. Remarkety ensures that you do not have to do this manually. Our program automatically collates data directly from your website and displays items automatically.

In order to set us this automation to your specific requirements, you will need to use the items data tag. This makes everything super efficient. You will need to prepare your data beforehand and then follow these instructions.


The product recommendation email is one of the most powerful emails to send to a customer. It needs to be highly personalized to what the customer wants to see. Using our awesome personalization tags you can achieve everything you are looking for, and much more.
Use our dynamic tags to wow your customers every single time.