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Must Visit eCommerce Conferences 2017/18

By November 2, 2017eCommerce Trends

If you are an eCommerce marketer, manager, or business owner, there is always a point where you feel alone and need some motivation or inspiration. You got everything going on five cylinders, you’ve put everything you know into action yet you feel like you may be missing something.

If you are feeling this way then it’s time you got yourself to an eCommerce conference. Conferences are a fantastic place to help you network, brainstorm with some of the top minds in the industry, and get a long list of new tactics to A/B test.

Are you ready to open your mind to the wide-World of eCommerce then read on. In today’s post we are revealing some of the top eCommerce conferences around the World.

eCommerce Conferences

With so much information being available on the internet from; blogs to podcasts and video tutorials to webinars, to name just a few, it seems a little pointless wasting time to physically go to a conference. Stop right there. There are many reasons why conferences should be part of your business plan.

Life events provide unique learning and career building opportunities that are only possible in-person. These opportunities include:

  • Meet Experts and Influencers: This may seem obvious, but meeting sector experts in person enhances inspiration and boosts confidence.
  • Network Opportunities: Meeting with other peers that are walking the same path as you.
  • Technology and tools: Technology is advancing and new tools are coming out literally every other day. It is impossible to keep up with it all. Seeing the latest tools in action helps you make the right choices for your business
  • Tips and tactics: There will be many tips and tactic articles on line, but being involved in a real-time live event will give you so much more than an impersonal webinar or YouTube video.
  • Taking a break: Sometimes taking the step out of the office and normal working environment is enough to sharpen your brain to take on new ideas

Top eCommerce Conferences 2017/18

Here are some of the top ecommerce conferences coming up in 2017-8.

Mark your calendars!


eCommerce Conferences 2017/18






Internet Retail Expo – March 21-22, 2018, Birmingham, UK.

This conference is focused on multichannel retail businesses and has become UK’s biggest multi channel commerce event in the last few years. Over 300 ecommerce leaders meet to learn the latest cutting edge tech solutions to optimize the performance of their businesses. What’s great is that you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with an expert.

North America

ecommerce conferences






NRF Big Show – January 14-16, 2018, New York City, US

This is one of the biggest retail conferences in the world. It has over 35,000 attendees, 300 speakers, and 500 exhibitors. This conference doesn’t focus specifically on ecommerce but there are still plenty of ecommerce exhibits and speakers

ecommerce conferences





Traffic & Conversion – February 26-28, 2018. San Diego, US

Great place to learn conversion and traffic tactics and how to use the latest trends and tools in digital marketing. If you have been wanting to master these areas of your online business, this conference is for you. Past speakers include Daymond John and Gary Vaynerchuk, so you know this is legit.

ecommerce conferences







ShopTalk USA – March 18-21 2018, Las Vegas, US

This is another super practical conference that discusses the latest trends in consumer preferences and expectations. There are a bunch of startups that attend as well as five hundred CEO’s. So whether you are just a small fledgling company or an established mammoth, this conference will help you on your journey.

South America

ecommerce conferences







VTEX Day – May 14-15, Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is the largest multichannel retail event in Latin America. It’s organized by the company VTEX which is a global provider of cloud commerce platforms. The speakers this year include Richard Branson and Neil Patel, which is super cool. This conference draws a crowd of more than 10,000 attendees. Wow that’s impressive.


The list above is just some of the top eCommerce conferences. There are many more eCommerce conferences around.

Have you purchased your tickets already for any eCommerce conferences? Have you been to any conferences recently and would like to share your experience? Are there any conferences we missed that you think we should attend? Feel free to get in contact. We would love to hear from you