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Warning – Expert Tips Included: Personalized Countdown Timer in Emails

By October 25, 2017November 3rd, 2017Email Marketing, How To Guides

Email marketing is a common marketing tool that all successful eCommerce merchants. We are all aware of the importance of personalization, dynamic coupons, segmentation and so on, but how does Remarkety take your email marketing that step further?

Remarkety has the ability to integrate with various external tools that will give you the extra little spice specifically for your business. Today I am going to discuss a fantastic tool that is aimed at adding urgency to your emails. The personalized countdown timer by sendtric.

Giving customers deadlines is what differentiates the winners from the losers. The number one mistake in sales is not creating a sense of urgency for the customer. Email marketing is no different and this is where a personalized countdown timer in emails can make all the difference in your bottom line.

AppSumo, the 8 figure tech business, is built entirely on 1-week long software deals. If they would have made their product available for 3-6 months then no one would get the sense of urgency and no one would buy right away. Their entire business is built on urgency. Now do I have your attention? Lets read on to find out how urgency works in eCommerce

In the email marketing world we call this countdowns. And like most things, we’re here to show you how to personalize countdowns to boost their performance.

Personalized Countdown Timer in Emails
You’ve seen this before right?

A simple countdown has an offer that is about to expire, some more content describing the details and a nice image. A countdown timer is often seen amongst some of the biggest brands. Amazon is one of the biggest that uses this tool. They include specific dates on product deals, as seen below next to that stunning Bob Dylan recording.


Personalized Countdown Timer in Emails

Another example is putting a time limit on how long a product could sit in the customer’s shopping cart. This approach is not for everyone, but if stock is limited then it could work.

Personalized Countdown Timer in Emails


Countdowns can significantly increase sales. For example, Ernest Jones, the famous jewelry gift store, saw an increase of 28% in holiday sales as a result of instituting a countdown. The timer showed how long customer had to order product for it to arrive on time before Mother’s Day.

How do you personalize countdowns?

Ideally the countdown should start as soon as the customer receives the email. If it’s a deal that lasts 2 weeks and they never even got the email then they can totally miss the deal. Instead, put a personalized countdown that starts as soon as the customer receives the email. That makes it feel very real, much more real than some generic template you’re using.

Here at Remarkety, we integrate with a feature that automatically sets that personalized countdown timer for you.

First, use an app like CountDownMail or Sendtric to create the countdown. Then integrate the app into Remarkety. Don’t panic. We make the integration work seamlessly with little to no work from your side. Use our simple code editor feature to insert 2 lines of code that will personalize the email for you.

Still unsure, then don’t be. Guy our CEO and email expert explains all the technicalities to help you implement this fantastic tool – Simply click here  to follow the simple instructions and don’t forget, our amazing customer success team and technical advisers are always around to answer any questions

Once you integrate the code, your customer’s countdown will start the moment they receive the email. If you have email automation in place that deviates the timing of  the sending depending of people, or if you take time zones in consideration, or if you’re still getting off the hangover and you send that email late – your customer will still be able to enjoy that irresistible deal on your product.

Do try to personalize your countdowns and let us know what happens! I’d love to feature your emails here on our blog.


Kim “My Content Rocks” Cohen