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Abandoned Cart Email: The Full Story-Part 2

By November 6, 2017November 8th, 2017eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing, How To Guides

Thank you for joining us for the second part of our Abandoned cart email story.

With up to 80% of all carts being left at the last minute eCommerce merchants are crying out for help to capture all that lost revenue. Thankfully Remarkety understands this problem and has created the ultimate cart abandonment tool to help combat the losses.

In the previous chapter we discussed the phenomenon of the abandoned cart and tips to reduce abandonment rates. In today’s chapter, we will be discussing the importance of email capture and showing your some rocking cart abandonment email examples. Are you ready? Here we go…


Abandoned Cart Emails Header Image

Grab ’em before they go: Email capture

If they aren’t logged in and the email hasn’t been captured, they could very well be gone forever. It’s that simple.

There is a tiny number of shoppers who left their carts with the full intention to return when convenient and they will actually return alone. But let’s face it, if you aren’t sending out reminders and incentives, the majority of abandoned carts will remain that way.

Time to capture email addresses.

6 Ways To Get a Shopper’s Email Address

There are several different scenarios during the buyer’s journey on your website that you can sneakily add in a request for their email address either through a pop-up or an online form

  1. Ask shoppers that aren’t logged-in to enter their email as they add an item to their cart
  2. Ask for an email address during the first step of check out, when shoppers view their shopping cart
  3. Display a pop-up at the end of your content that offers an incentive or discount if they subscribe
  4. Just as they are leaving your website create an exit intent pop-up that simply says, be in contact
  5. Slide in an email request as your customers scroll through a page, this is less intrusive as it doesn’t need be clicked
  6. Add a top bar or side-bar that remains at the top of every page requesting email address

Got the email address now create the cart abandonment email campaign


Top Abandoned Cart Emails Designs 2016/7

For many small and medium sized eCommerce shops, there isn’t enough time or volume to adequately test email messaging and design on a daily or even weekly basis. That’s why we’ve done it for you.


The 30+ abandoned cart emails you’ll see below span various industries; from fashion and hardware, to home goods and tech.

Please note: the emails are listed in no particular order and not all have been created with Remarkety.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it.


Subject Line: Don’t You Want Me?

Bezar Abandoned Cart Email Example

What We Like: Funny. Straight to the point. Call to action. Designed for mobile with the big text. Underneath the button is text giving customers a subtle call-to-action push, “Bezar shops are limited time sales so act fast.”


Subject Line: We Miss You…

Nume Abandoned Cart Email Example

What We Like: 10% off is a incentivizes customers to finish order. Clear call to action button.

What We Don’t: Subject line is not personalized and “from” email  address is a role-based email i.e.


Subject Line: Psst…A Deal in Your

Newegg Abandoned Cart Email Exmaple

What We Like: Language around item being available for limited time. Rating of item left in cart.

What We Don’t: Big image and tabs along the top are a distraction from the items left in the cart.

Prom Outfitters

Subject Line: You Left Something in Your Cart!

Fashion Abandoned Cart

What We Like: Free shipping and free returns emphasized at the top of email. Personal product recommendations

What We Don’t: Orange navigation bar is nice but distracting.

One Kings Lane

Subject Line: Still interested? Jackson Pollock, One, Number 31

Home Goods and Art Abandoned Email Example

What We Like: Simple design. Percentage off the original price paired with each personal product recommendation.


Subject Line: Your items are ready for check out

shinola abandoned cart example

What We Like: Free shipping and free returns advertised in header. List of items with images and prices.

What We Don’t: Too much small text between items abandoned in cart and the headline.


Subject Line: Your Picks…Don’t Let Them Get Away

Abandoned Cart Email NASCAR

What We Like: Big text makes it clear this email serves as a reminder that something was left in the cart. Big call to action.

What We Don’t: The same big text takes up a lot of space and the image of the product left behind is squished at the bottom.


Subject Line: A friendly reminder…

Sephora Abandoned Cart Email

What We Like: Images and ratings of products left behind.

What We Don’t: Not responsive. No clear call to action. Doesn’t scale well on mobile screens. Header belongs on a website, not in an email.

Warby Parker

Subject Line: Lowry might be the one

Glasses Abandoned Cart EmailWhat We Like: Massive image of product draws in attention. Handwritten font for free shipping and returns stands out, too.


Subject Line: Your Picks…Don’t Let Them Get Away

Abandoned Cart Email ExampleWhat We Like: Free shopping. Free returns. Images of products on white background keep email looking simple and clean. Personal item recommendations.

What We Don’t: Too much text in the navigation bar and text underneath.


Subject Line: TREAT YO’ SELF: Shoe Cult Nicole Pump – Black

Abandoned Cart Email Example Nasty Gal

What We Like: Red text between item name and call to action drives urgency.

What We Don’t: Color combinations not so easy on the eyes. Mix of different fonts.


Subject Line: Hey, forget something? Here’s 20% off.

Best Abandoned Cart Subject Line

What We Like: Clean and simple design. 20% off coupon for first order. Number of items counted, not shown.


Subject Line: You left something in your cart!

Baby Clothing Abandoned Cart

What We Like: Big image links directly to website.

What We Don’t: Doesn’t scale well on mobile. No clear call to action


Subject Line: You came. You saw. Now get it.

Staples Abandoned Cart Email ExampleWhat We Like: Creative subject line.

What We Don’t: Image of item abandoned in cart is smaller to the product recommendation images. Too much text.

Subject Line: Still Deciding? We’ve Saved Your Cart! Abandoned Cart Email

What We Like: Offer about free shipping. Wine ratings.

What We Don’t: Dated design. Wrong order of  the email content.  Items”blocks” should be on top and text with “cheers” and signature at the end.

Detroit Grooming Company

Subject Line: Thank you for stopping by

Detroit Beard Company Abandoned Cart

What We Like: Personalized coupon code used as a link to the website. Simple design. Personalized Product

What We Don’t: Text is hard to read. Missing CTA.

Swimsuits Direct

Subject Line: Are You Forgetting Something?

Recover Abandoned Carts Email

What We Like: Free shipping and free returns incentive.

What We Don’t: Products left in cart buried in the email.


Subject Line: Don’t Let Your Shopping Cart Disappear

Hardware Abandoned Cart Email

What We Like: Number of product reviews and start rating are social proof this is a good product.

Subject Line: Attn: Your Order is Incomplete

Email Marketing Abandoned Cart Overstock

What We Like: Free shipping and free returns incentive. Personalized. Product ratings and reviews link. Nice size images. Rewards Points balance.

What We Don’t: Products left in cart buried in the email.

Old Navy

Subject Line: Mike, Your Shopping Bag Has Abandonment Issues

abandoned cart email example clothing company

What We Like: Oversized product images with a clear headline.


Subject Line: Did you forget something?

Abandoned Cart Email Startup Casper

What We Like: Customer reviews. No pricing.


Subject Line: Don’t leave a good thing behind…

Abandoned Cart Email example Microsoft Tech

What We Like: Green call-to-action stands out.

What We Don’t: Product image is too small. Too much legal jargon in footer of email. Free shipping and free returns could be styled to pop a bit more.

Urban Outfitters

Subject Line: Hey…you left something at our place…

Urban Outfitters Abandoned Cart Example

Bass Pro Shops

Subject Line: Don’t Leave a Good Thing Behind

Abandoned Cart Email example for Outdoor

What We Like: Promo code for orders over $100.

What We Don’t: No image of items left behind.

Forever 21

Subject Line: Looks like you forgot something…

Fashion brand Email Abandoned Cart ExampleWhat We Like: Brand voice aligned with target customer. Images of products without pricing or name.

ABC Carpet & Home

Subject Line: Did You Forget Something in Your Shopping Cart?

abandonment emails sample template

What We Like: Promo code for orders over $100.

What We Don’t: No image of items left behind.


Subject Line: You Forgot Your Bag!

Abandoned Cart Email Example Female Fashion venus

What We Like: Free shipping for large orders.

What We Don’t: Small images for products abandoned in cart.


Subject Line: Oh No-You Forgot Something!

biggest brands Abandoned Cart Email Template

What We Like: Free shipping offer right in the header. Simple.

What We Don’t: Text color palette is weird and hard to read and images are too small. Call to action buttons could have some color to stand out.


Subject Line: Your shopping bag is waiting!

abandoned shopping bag email

What We Like: Free shipping incentive. Looks Yummy! Holiday related template. Responsive.

What We Don’t: Busy design. No mention of what was actually left in cart.


Subject Line: Yay! Good News

Abandoned Cart Email Shopify

What We Like: Simple and clean design. Nicely designed free shipping and free returns incentives.

What We Don’t: Subject line is misleading. No images or list of items left in shopping cart. No personlization.

Wrapping It Up and Recovering More Carts

By now it should be pretty clear that abandoned cart emails are key to an automated email marketing strategy that consistently drive new orders. Let’s summarize.

  • People will abandon their baskets and carts. On average, 80% of shoppers abandon their cart on the typical eCommerce website.
  • Abandonment emails more effective than retargeting ads. .7% of customers click a banner ad while 30% of customers will click on an abandoned cart email.
  • Send more than one abandoned cart email. Our research indicates an additional 50% of carts can be recovered with second and third followup email.
  • Coupons will increase x5 conversion rate! Emails with coupons on average have a 10% conversion rate while emails without have about a 2% conversion rate.
  • Leverage a multi-step checkout. Most customers won’t be logged in while shopping on your website. Make sure capturing their email address is the first step of any checkout flow.

When it comes to the template of your abandoned cart email, following the best design practices is always smart.

  • Keep the email simple and clean. Too many elements can distract a customer. Follow the KISS principle.
  • Consider just placing logo at the top of your email, and not a header with links to different departments.
  • Use one big and simple call-to-action button that says, “Checkout” or “Go to cart,” for example.
  • Include an image of the products left behind. Showing the price is optional.
  • Consider adding personal product recommendations based on shopping behavior to “nudge” a customer to start shopping again.
  • When it comes to subject line, the main trend remains: ‘tell them straight that they forgot to complete purchase’

Time get to it and start sending abandoned cart emails to your customers.

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