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Win-Back Inactive Customers: Email Marketing Best Practices

By How To Guides

Have you been focusing on the use of online traffic to gain customers? Then perhaps you may be ignoring the one of the best online marketing strategy, email marketing. Not only is email marketing great at engaging new customers but also, it helps re-engage lapsed customers; winning them back, increasing eCommerce sales and improving brand engagement.

Many have heard how great email marketing is for eCommerce merchants, however, the same question remains: How do you create a great and effective win-back email marketing strategy?

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The Methodology of Inactive Customers – eCommerce Email Marketing

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

Oh the joys of eCommerce. You fight to gain your new consumers, get them to your website only to lose them after purchase or two. We all hate inactive customers. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reduce your customer churn and build a bank of loyal customers that stick with your brand?

Have your customers broken up with you? How are your efforts at winning them back going? Is it even possible to win back inactive customers? If you are asking yourself any of these questions then you need to read on. Understanding the methodology of inactive customers will help you put together a killer eCommerce email marketing campaign. 

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