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Ultimate Customer Retention Strategy for eCommerce

By How To Guides

Acquiring new customers is ultimately more costly than retaining existing customers and this is why you need to focus on creating an ultimate customer retention strategy.

Technological advances have led to increased competition online for user’s attention; from competitor websites, to comparison websites and booming social media channels. More and more companies are not only unable to grow existing customer base, but are also fighting to keep the customers they have.

If you are looking into ways to retain your existing customer base, then look no further. Included in today’s post is the Ultimate Customer Retention Strategy for eCommerce.

Ultimate Customer Retention Strategy for eCommerce

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3 Easy Ways to Use Preference Centers to Retain Customers

By Email Marketing

I’m sure that you have heard that every aspect of email marketing is super important. But I bet you didn’t know that using Preference Centers can help you engage customers, reduce churn and most importantly, boost your sales!  

Most people only see preference centers when they are trying to unsubscribe from something right? What businesses don’t realize is that this stage is not goodbye forever. If used correctly it’s the perfect time to grab the customer’s attention with some unique content and to learn more about them.

If you want to find out the secret 3 ways to use preference centers to retain customers, then read on.

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